Summer Delites

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I like this group, becauseI love this time of year, things change for the better. Spend time with friends and family more. Watching the kids play and the adults have fun talking about old times. I want recipes that remind you of those time with your love one...

Straws Kitchen
Jun 16, 2013

One of my "revamped" recipes from another

I loved the Furr's Cafeteria pie (way back when we had a Furr's....they have been gone from this area for years), after I became a diabetic I revamped a lot of recipes so I could have "just a little" of them while everyone else devoured the whole pie.
Check it out.
Furr's Cafeteria "Pineapple Millionaire Pie" (with adjustments for Diabetics to be able to eat some)

Straws Kitchen
May 16, 2013

A nice Summer Salad

We have this every summer...usually have most of the chopped veggies from my garden. Cin's "Chilled Angel" Pasta Salad

Judy Spada
Apr 24, 2013

Just joined your group.

Hi, Needless to say I was drawn in by the title. Love Summer and all the great goodies to cook. Hoping to get some new summer recipes. Thanks for letting me join your group.

Apr 8, 2013


Hello Ladies,
Judith and Connie, thanks for stopping back and joining the group. Love to see what you have to bring to this group.. More the merrier....:)

Kim Biegacki
Apr 7, 2013

A new recipe I tried tonight that is amazing....Light Kiwi Lime Mini Cupcakes

These are guilt free and pack a powerful punch of flavor with zesty lime and tangy's a wonderful dessert to indulge in. Perfect for "Summer Delites"! Light Kiwi Lime Angel Food Mini Cupcakes

Anna Mae Kantor
Apr 6, 2013

Hi Everyone--

I just joined the group and will post a recipe tomorrow. It's late and my brain is shutting off for the night. LOL

I'm happy to join you.

Thank you Nikki for starting this group.


Check out my new group CARNIVAL FOODS
Thought this would be perfect to pair with Summer delites! ;)

No bake

I love no bake recipes for summer, so we can enjoy our sweets without turning on the oven.
Cereal Cupcakes