It's Not SPICY hot, it's Cuban

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This is the title of the cookbook that I have been writing. All of the recipes are designed to be made easy and under 30 minutes, however there are several recipes that require time and a little effort. It's ALL AUTHENTIC Cuban recipes that have been handed down by my grandmother and mother. Very few I have tweaked and made my own. So, if you love CUBAN food check this out and I will be posting recipes as often, hopefully daily of something yummy, delicious and delectable. Everything from antojitos (appetizers), main courses, salads, desserts and soups. Just as an FYI, Cuban food is flavorful and aromatic with natural spices. Our food is NOT spicy and we don't use tortillas.

Enjoy and if there are any Cuban recipes you want on this page, just ask.


anita guyton
Feb 24, 2013

Black beans

rosy, we were at Bella Cuba in CA and they served delicious black beans. Can you offer a recipe?

Suzanne Marzano
Nov 8, 2012

Looking for a spinach recipe

While my husband and I were in Miami we went to a cuban restaurant that served the most amazing spinach side dish. The chef was gracious enough to try to give me the recipe but with me not speaking spanish and him not speaking much english, I came away with the sauted recipe of butter, onions, salt, pepper, spinach and he said the cuban spice. Does any know if the spice is cumin? I have tried making this recipe and it comes out passable but not as good. Any idas , recipes or even measurements would be most helpful. Many Thanks Sue

Millie Johnson
Nov 7, 2012

looking for a latino corn soup !

It had cilatro in was not spicy or hot and it was served with mayo and a cheese that looked simular to the canned grated parmesean cheese. We loved it . Please help !

Melanie B
Aug 23, 2011

Lemon Zest

I have a lemon zester and I zest most all my lemons and limes BEFORE I juice them for a recipe. I keep a container each of lime and lemon zest in the freezer. It is AWESOME in marinade for pork and chicken. If a recipe calls for lemon pepper, I use lemon zest and black pepper. YUM Orange zest is also very good in Cuban marinades.

Jul 30, 2010

Ropa Vieja (aka Old Clothes/Cuban Shredded Beef)

This is a traditional Cuban dish. Don't be fooled by the name! It's perfectly seasoned and goes good with white rice and a salad. Like some of my recipes, it is time consuming but so very worth it! Enjoy and have a good experience making this wonderful dish for your family and others.

Jul 16, 2010


Just thought I'd share some knowledge about BBQ that some of you may or may not know. I know I keep saying that I'll post some recipes, but it's busy out here in Vegas for the summer. In the meanwhile, enjoy this little factoid!

Barbeque is a summertime pastime for dining throughout the world. Some say the true origins were yet another discovery by Columbus on the island of Hispaniola, home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The cooking techniques of the TaĆ­no Indians interested him and were imported back to Spain and remained as barbacoa. From Spain, barbacoa was introduced to other nations in the New World through the Spanish conquistadors. This method of cooking was altered to their own liking by natives such as the Mexican Aztecs. Variations took place in each nation to what we visualize as a typical summertime BBQ.

Try an uncharacteristic outdoor get-together with a BBQ relating to a Spanish Mediterranean theme. Part of your menu can be prepared in advance and your al fresco dinner party for six is sure to be a success.

While eating and between courses, enjoy the company of your guests as they do in Spain. Indulge in conversation as there should be no rush with this feast. Make this a lingering meal as they do along the Mediterranean region. Remember the food is only one aspect of the meal and it should be shared with others as a quality-time lifestyle.

This dinner BBQ get-together will have your guests discussing it for years.

Jul 15, 2010

CalRio Cuban Pie

Hey there ladies and gentlemen!

Well I tweaked my CalRio Cuban Pie this weekend with phyllo dough as a topping instead of the traditional pie crust top. Not too bad. It was golden and I used an egg wash for the top and some sugar...WOW, it popped. For a tweak it was a great experiment. I'll be posting more recipes in the next few days...summer's are busy out here in the desert! See you all soon!