Arkansas Cooks United!

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Gathering of cooks from the Natural State.

cheryl pierce
Dec 25, 2012


Hey girls...we are having a blizzard here in NE ark~~~ I'm 57 and have never see one here...we are under a blizzard warning!! We don't get much snow here...this should prove to be a interesting few days!!! We had a in. of sleet fall befor the snow started!~! I just love snow!~!

Cookie Griffin
Nov 18, 2012


As someone else said, their body is in one place, but heart is in Arkansas!!! That's me! I live in Tampa, Florida, raised in Arkansas. Been down here 32 years..YIKES!
It would be great to get additional Arkansas gals into this group....some of the best Southern cooks are in Arkansas AND am sure they use JAP site.....just got to find a way to draw them to this group....THEN, we will have enormous amount of old-fashioned, family recipes!! That would be so much fun to share with everyone.
Just A Pinch site is actually an awesome site for sharing with everyone from every corner of the USA and world!!Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with much laughter, friends and family, delicious foods and Love!!!

Margie Barbieri
Aug 10, 2012

Sure would love to hear from more Arkansas cooks.

As I am kinda new here in Arkansas,getting use to a lot of different things...
I love southern cooking,but have to cook everything GLUTEN FREE, which has been a learning experience for sure...

Last Sunday went to Cracker Barrel for lunch,
and naughty me ate one biscuit...and today is Friday and I am not over it yet. I don't think I will do that again.

Hope to hear from some of you with some down home recipes that I can make into GLUTEN FREE.
Have a GREAT day to each of you. PTL...

Margie Barbieri
Jul 31, 2012

Anyone still in this group??

I just seen this Arkansas group..
Since I moved here 2 years ago thought I would stop and say HELLO if any one is still here??

Jo G
Jan 14, 2012


Hi! I've lived in Arkansas for almost four years. I moved here from the United Kingdom and absolutely love this area - the people here are definitely something special. I'm having fun finding and creating recipes my family and I used to love in England, as well as looking up new, local recipes that we haven't tried before.

Kris Ryan
Dec 28, 2011

Adopt me?

Hello! I'm a CA girl, but I hope you don't mind if I joined your group anyhow. I've never been to AR, but my beloved Grandfather was from West Helena & his whole family was there for I feel that AR is in my blood! Can't wait to visit some day. Maybe you all will adopt me until then!