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What my family cooks for ME.ha ha got to love em

Darlene Bolfa
Feb 28, 2013

Kids Cooking with hubbys help.?

i just started my 11yr old with a set of chores 1 for every day i gave him my choices and let him select the days he wanted to put them on. and sunday is free day. no work on that day. well so far so good. its only been a short while. Oh i forgot to mention the 5 Dollar a week allowence. only all chores have to get done or he gets nothing. thats my rule. sorry tough love, any way one night a week he has to fix supper , any thing he wants so far we've had hot dog, and baked chicken, and spaghetti, i think its working out well so far i get a night off and he learns to cook and popa has to help.