A 2-Nite-Stand! Take-Out Make-overs

Hosted by Chris Ann Matteo
Group active since Tue, Feb 26, 2013

This group is for those of you cooks who purchase take-out: asian (chinese, thai, vietnamese, sushi), steak, rotisserie chicken, mexican food or whatever your region celebrates...and then you turn your leftovers into an amazing 2-Nite Stand!

Loved it yesterday and look forward to seeing it again -- transformed -- today. These yummy take-out to make-over dishes don't leave you waiting by "the telephone line."

What are your "go-to" basics for turning yesterday's splurge into something that satisfies today's hunger urge?

Chris Ann Matteo
Mar 6, 2013

Looking for More Contributors!

Hello Kisha -- good to know you, and you must be a person of strong faith because I am so new to this site that I was unaware that RECIPES are the way to get people to join.

So thanks, Kisha, for bearing with me while I learn. Kisha, have you any shopper-cook-on-the-go recipes to share? Or do you know others who have expertise to offer? Wonderful!

Chris Ann Matteo
Mar 6, 2013

Greetings Fellow Shopper-Cooks!

I started this group, and being a newbie to Just A Pinch, I had posted a recipe -- but overlooked sharing it with the group! It was pinched a number of times and I am thrilled -- but embarrassed that I'm still learning the ropes so I can gather more feedback from you all. In fact, I'm hoping that when I post the recipe, I might get some feedback on how to better write recipes for this interest group. For example, would you like to know: A. I have X,Y,Z LEFTOVER, what do I do with it? or B. I'm going shopping for meals that might yield LEFTOVERS I can reuse! These might be two ways that cooks might want to get information from this group.