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Were You ever so busy during day or work all day and forget to plan your meal for dinner?
This is when I come up with some of my best recipes. I look through my pantry and refridgerator to see what I can come up with.
Lets start sharing some of those not planned but great recipes.

Few ingredient pasta

I made a wonderful flavorful pasta with 1/2 pound pasta, a can of petite chopped tomatoes, 1/2 onion, a 1/2 red pepper, garlic clove and few herbs and spices. Cant believe the flavor of this dish! And after I plated I thought what a great side for Christmas dinner with these colors!!

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Suzanne Capik
Dec 22, 2014

Expiration Dates on Food!

Do any of you out there have a teen that just got into a Home-ecc. class? Mine did, and they had a lesson on expiration dates. Now my daughter is obsessed with expiration dates. Fortunately for me, I've always been pretty good at keeping an eye on those pesky old Expiration dates. Before my daughter used to gripe why are you making that now??? I used to say because I wanted to, so you'll eat it if you don't want to go hungry! My daughter packs her lunches for school, and she's become quite popular in the lunch room because her friends love my cooking! She now eats way more than she used to! Thanks to her friends, who she would share with! I was a single mom for years, so if she didn't eat something, that meant I was going to be eating it for days! Now I put up a couple servings in the freezer for my husband, and she helps me eat the rest. What's great is that a couple of her friends families can't afford too much so sometime the kids came without anything, so I always let my daughter take extra to share! Today she took my mom's spaghetti and some garlic toast! I gave her cash for a salad so it would be fresh! I have used my daughter and her friends to help keep the food rotation going in the pantry! It's been working out for the two of us pretty well! If you can afford it, give it a try! Let me know how it has or hasn't worked out for you!

Sharon Colyer
Dec 22, 2014


Hi, Lisa! Just discovered this group. And, saw your discussion from Saturday. Congratulations on winning the contest at school!! That is awesome! You are kicking it, girl! Have a great Christmas!


This is the time of Year to clean pantry. at least for Me.
Wanted to share, I did an iron chef yesterday at school We were given pork Chops. chorizo and whatever was in the pantry, plus had to incorporate spinach and almonds. Boy am I good at this! We had to make an app and a main course. I made chorizo and pineapple crostina, then a rice and bean stuffed chop with mexican corn with a spinach cilantro pesto! So proud to say I took first place!! Boy was that fun!!!!
Any great plans for the holiday!!!
Have a wonderful day, and a great holiday!!!!

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Good Morning All

Welcome and glad to see You here Chuck.
I have been hearing more and more about recipes starting from cleaning pantry!! Also love the idea of different ways of organizing pantrys. Spread the word, would love to see this group grow!
Welcome all and keeps sharing wonderful recipes and ideas!!
God Bless!