Healthy recipes for pets

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My dog, Shiloh is a 9 year old Chocolate Lab, she acts just like a puppy and she has such personality. I love her to death.She was diagnosed with diabetes last year.

If you have a pet with an illness, you know that its expensive to keep them healthy. So maybe we can share some recipes for our pets that are not so healthy. The meds are 1 thing we cant make. Im talking about recipes for treats or food. I know the food on this site is for people but im pretty sure there are a lot of you on this site with a pet they consider family.

Oct 22, 2014

My Dog Shiloh

Wow, I'm glad I found this group; I too have a fur-baby, named Shiloh! She is a border collie and is now 10 years old as of July 3rd this year, she still loves to play frisbee though, and go for walks... She is starting to get cataracts on her eyes, but I guess it just goes with age. What a fun group, I will keep my eyes open for animal treat recipes to post here!

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Judy Medina
Oct 20, 2014

This is fantastic!!!!

I'm so glad I found this discussion group. I have 3 dogs and would LOVE to make special things for them to enjoy. I've read that our dogs today could actually live to be 25-30 years old except we, as caregivers and "parents"of our dogs and cats over induldge them with manufactured food from other countries.which,unfortunatley shortens their lives. We are killing them wil kindness,as sad as it sounds.
Food from other countries are made from old rubber tires, euthanized animals, roadkill and so many disgusting things I even hate to think.
Let's share our knowledge on this group and share our recipes for Fido.
I,personally, look forward to meeting all of you :)