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Letizia Tripp
Tuesday at 6:42 PM

yeahh it's back !!!!!

finally dancing with the stars is back !!!!!

soo excited this season it's going to be good !!!!!!!! yeahhh !!! there is actually some real stars on there !!!!!!

it was a great show the premiere !!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Sep 6, 2017

soo excited the new season of Dancing with the stars

hello everybody

this morning on GMA they announced the new stars going on dancing with the stars .

good news .. yes we actually finally have some stars . sorry .I don't have all the names . a lot of them I still don't know who they . are

but I know the big stars .

Nick LA Shey and his wife Vanessa .. yeahh !!!!!! very excited about that .

one of the property brothers .. yeahh !!!

I just don't remember the other names

but I think it will be a really exciting season . good stars on the show

Letizia Tripp
May 29, 2017

season is over !!!!! did you like who won ???????

hi everybody
sorry I haven't been on here in a while ..
I guess I am not the only one lol..
I was expecting to see conversations on the winners .. but I don't see anything .. lol..

so what did everybody think ???? I know I am late getting on here .. sorry!!!!!

I like Rashad . he really is good .. I think he deserved to win!!!!!!!!

but I must say .. I was shocked that the black girl came in third place . she is much better dancer than the baseball player .. I think a lot of people were shocked .. I guess he was more popular .. but not a better dancer!!!!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Apr 25, 2017

how is everybody liking this season ?

hi , sorry I haven't been on here in a while .
so what do you think about this season so far ?
I must admit I haven't been following very good this season . I start watching it .. then I fall asleep before it's over !!!!! lol.. I do tape it but haven't been watching the whole show .
anyway I saw all the first dances last night . I missed the group dances .

I thought MAX and the star he was with did a good job . that was a good dance !!!! but wow!!!!!! I am surprised to see they were voted out ..I think everybody was shocked !!
what are your thoughts on this season ??/

Dorene Fishkin
Apr 11, 2017


Great show this week-----------------very emotional !
There were so many wonderful dances. I was mesmerized !
As poignant as Mr. T's story was, it was time for him to be judged on his dancing skills.

Valeree Dunbar
Apr 4, 2017

Charo is gone

well they did it again. I can't believe they didn't vote off Mr. T over Charo. she was definitely better than him. just favoritism thats all. all the others did very well.

Linda Smith
Mar 29, 2017

Mondays Show

It was very good but I already voted I like the Rodeo Star sexy,

As for the Football Sar he is very good also now seriously it will probably be one of the Dancing Stars or the Gymnist Star.