Cooking Around Food Sensitivities

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Have you recently found you can no longer eat chocolate? Have you cured your sinus troubles by avoiding onions? Is lactose intolerance now a problem in your house? Or is it just that a member of your family won't touch anything with a tomato in it and everybody else wants spaghetti?

This is a place for us to share work-arounds, links to great sources of help, recipes that leave out the onions or other culprits, and anything else related to COOKING AROUND FOOD SENSITIVITIES.

Catherine Ferensic
Jul 10, 2017

low sodium how about recipes or low everything foods

I was just in the hospital on low sodium 2 grams or mg a day no pizza,meat only unsalted crackers at home what can I eat and make for meals or any suggestions on books websites I was in from june 30th-july 5th found I have a bulging disc in lower spine had infection in my bloodwork on pain meds & antibiotics need to call dr's for follow up and schedule therapy,have a walker,potty/shower folding chair can use bedside I bought original mrs's dash no salt seasoning,i don't cook with salt shaker was told can have crackers with sea salt didn't buy sea salt I have a small hymilayian pink salt grinder tried a bit of it before I went in the hospital i'm looking to eat healthier,try to watch everything try to exercise,drink water eat fruit and greek vanilla yogurt everyday thinking about how I can journal and write recipes I tried garlic hummus omg I couldn't stop eating it so I bought some from the store have some everyday I'm looking for lists to help select what to make to eat so many diets what/which do you chose? where to begin need some advice also looking for exercises advice when they weighted me omg i'm so disgusted about it I think I might go to the dietitian at local store or go to hospital for it? depends on my schedule with things also off topic a bit sorry my significant other is worried I will get addicted to the pain meds i'm on and says I should try not taking them I don't have an addictive personality if I quit cigarettes cold turkey then I don't think I would have a problem I only take them when I really need to I sometimes just take over the counter advil or just a muscle relaxer but not used to having them so find out when I start being more active what happens with pain in touch i'm home now

Catherine Ferensic
Jun 20, 2017

diet/food senstive?

I have posted some of this before I have to go on a diet/have pre diabetes,cholesterol high,high blood pressure and found out I may have ulcer and my weight is up,i changed to lactaid fat free milk but gotta work on the rest of my eating.,exercise and what to eat and not to eat thinking about a journal of somehow keeping track of and list etc and I feel like bummed over not being able to eat things I like then what to cook for family that can eat everything

Heidi Hoerman
Nov 14, 2015

No-Low Lactose Creamy Corn Chowder

Just made this tonight and you'd never know there was no milk in it.
No-Low Lactose Creamy Corn Chowder

Nichole Nollinger
Aug 5, 2014


Hello ya'll,

My husband was just told that he has to go on a diet because his blood test results came out really bad (High triglycerides, cholesterol and fatty liver plus other stuff).
He is a very picky eater and won't eat most veggies or fruits. Plus now has to stay away from fatty and oily foods. How can I help him lose weight and what should I cook? i'm so lost...

Eddie Jordan
Aug 5, 2014


My wife is my most picky eater I will fix something for dinner and she says I don't like that, my boy used to be just like his mother I don't like that until I told hem just taste it and now he say's I will try it. I wish I could get my loving wife to do that.

Sue Ringler
Apr 11, 2013

Junk in our foods

It's no secret that many health problems have arose since the 1900's began. It's devastating to see all the chemicals that go into our foods. It's no wonder we are so sick. Cutting out foods with unnatural preservatives and additives is a great place to start and we need to cleans our bodies of toxins periodically. One thing I like to do first thing in the morning before I eat or drink anything is have a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. It's amazing how good I feel afterwards. It cleans the liver. I feel refreshed.

Beatrice Abfalter
Feb 22, 2013


I hope you get lots to join here, a friend has a child with allergies to corn based products, she has done lots of research on her ow, and is struggling to make her own foods now, her child is three years old, and suffered with tummy and had erratic behavior, also my daughter was hospitalized over Christmas, she has allergy to something in bananas, which she has always eaten, so is it possible to develop allergies, I know with sea food, you can eat it and the older you get the more likely you are to have a reaction to it and the reaction can be serious, my problem there is I go to an Island on some summers, and we have sea food fest!

Ka Garrett
Feb 18, 2013


What a wonderful idea, Heidi. I have found I can no longer enjoy chocolate. This is so sad. So many recipes for chocolate and at socials chocolate is the most sot after confection. I avoid the chocolate at all costs.:{ Carob is really no substitute....
Thanks have a lovely day.