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I Love to read novels and would like suggestions on more good ones.
How about you ??

Dorene Fishkin
Jul 14, 2017


This is the third novel of JoJo Moyes that I have read. The storyline is different from the others.
It was a heartfelt, captivating read.
The story of fourteen year old Sarah is so much more than a story of a girl and her horse.
Natahsa, a young lawyer and her husband Mac become very involved in Sarah's complicated life.
With the right actors this would make a great movie.

sherry monfils
Jul 13, 2017

Author Nancy Thayer

Just got done reading a book by Nancy Thayer called "Secrets in summer," and loved it. I usually don't read these kind of books since I'm more into police drama, murder mysteries and the like but I just happened to pick it up and was enthralled. It's about a woman living in a house on a beach. She inherited the house from her grand mother. Next thing she knows, the summer people are here and her next door neighbor is her ex husband!! It's funny, uplifting and I can relate to a lot of it.

Also on July 22nd, the author will be at the local library in my city to chat and sign books...so excited!!

Dorene Fishkin
Jul 9, 2017


Reporter turned p.i. Tess Monahan is a native of Baltimore.
Business tycoon Wink Wynkowsi wants to bring pro-basketball to the city.
A muck-racking front page expose' of his past was published in the Baltimore Beacon Light newspaper which Tess works for.
Soon after it was published, Wink is discovered asphyxiated in his garage with the car engine running.
Tess gets involved trying to solve this puzzle which gets complicated and a little dangerous.
It is an o.k. read----interesting but a little slow moving.

Diane C.
Jul 8, 2017

When We were Sisters by Emilie Richards

This is the story of two young women who became foster care sisters and stayed sisters in life. Each of them has some issues to work through, and they help one another. Tremendous story about the family we make for ourselves when our families disintegrate.

Catherine Ferensic
Jul 8, 2017


not much last 2 weeks being I in hospital,camping etc. my son Kyle(7) is reading chapter books he started Magis tree house book 1 author Osborne,can't remember name scholastic books read 2 chapters while I was in hospital think he likes it for kids thought he could share the recommendation enjoy,i'm in search of a book not sure what yet

Sherry Blizzard
Jul 8, 2017

Boar Island by Nevada Barr

I love the Anna Pigeon series. Nevada Barr really is a Park Ranger with the NPS. Her books are always set in a National Park. Murder/Mystery She uses factual information about the park and I can picture myself there with her. I've read most of Nevada Barr's books. Start with her first one...I think it was Track of the Cat and is set in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Dorene Fishkin
Jul 5, 2017


Camino Island is John Grisham's latest novel. It begins when several crooks steal some valuable rare books from a vault below the

Princeton University library. The books are insured for 25 million dollars.
A book dealer in Camino Island Florida is suspected.
What follows is an interesting tale to find the books.
It was a good story but I .was hoping for more excitement.
I would like to know what you think of this novel.

Dorene Fishkin
Jun 29, 2017


This is a fast-paced read with many twists and turns.
It begins when Grace Lawson picks up a newly developed set of family photographs and finds that there is one that doesn't belong. It is a photo from 20 years ago in which there is a picture of a man who looks like her husband.
Her husband denies it but disappears that night.