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Kathy Munk
Jul 9, 2011

gluten free breakfast ideas

hi all! I am an innkeeper in Ohio, I try very hard to have gluten free choices for my guests. I enjoy the challenge of findng something yummy and gluten free. I like easy to make dishes that don't require lots of ingredients..for example, using gluton free pancake mix and taking it up a notch adding fruit etc. or I do a baked apple and use Udi's granola..any good tips or ideas would be awesome! thanks!!

Cherie Rogers
Jun 27, 2011

FOUND: a great bakery that makes bread to order!

Just a note to let you all know about an online way to order really healthy non-gluten bread.


juliet cardinale
May 4, 2011

i need a local celiac support in in norwood , ma

thank you , i need a celiac intervention fast seriously

Marilyn Deacon
Jul 30, 2010

New GLUTEN FREE Dessert Recipe

Try my GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Black Forest Cupcakes
I just posted this one yesterday, and I hope all of our Celiac friends will try it. This is one that can be served to a group, and no one will guess it is a Gluten Free Dessert!

Happy cooking,
Marilyn (sedonaspirit)

Valory Moore
Jun 1, 2010

Book club recipes

Hay guys and Gals let’s start a book club recipes group. We who like to read will read a book and make up a recipe to deal with that theme or the period of the book. I t will be fun and we can get the kids involved too. The first book I recommend can be “days of Peleg” by Jon Saboe, You can order the book on Amazon .com. The book is great and we can get come great recipes ideas at the same time.

Marilyn Deacon
May 26, 2010

Become a Serial LABEL READER-Here's a Guide...

In addition to the book I recommended in the thread about "Information on Celiac Disease" started by Julianne earlier... I would also like to recommend a guide for Celiacs who want to read labels and make sense of them, here is a book that is terrific:

A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives-5th Edition, by Ruth Winter, M.S.

Here is a place to get it:

Now, about becoming a "Serial" Label Reader.... LOL you will kind of get into the habit after a short time. My daughter and I both will flip a box or can at the grocery and read ingredients right when we pick it up. This book will help you to identify the SOURCE of many things in ingredients labels. EXAMPLE: Label says this product contains "modified food starch", and by looking in the book, you would find that it very well may come from several sources... maybe wheat, corn, or other. SO, when a product contains this, we reject it, because without calling the manufacturer, we cannot tell what the source really is.... and we seek the product by another maker.

This book is really a key to understanding what is really in the foods that appear so safe. I would encourage every Celiac to get one of these, and the Amazon URL above has them on sale at a very good price. (NEW or USED)

This was another item that I just thought you might want in your arsenal. :) Hope this helps!

Marilyn Deacon
May 26, 2010

Celiac Booby Traps

There are soooo many things that the average person wouldn't even think about them having Gluten, but they do!!

Did you know that Celiacs shouldn't lick an envelope to seal it, because the glue can contain Gluten?

Did you know that regular everyday vanilla extract for cooking usually contains gluten... due to the alcohol that it is made from being made from wheat? Be sure to buy GF Vanilla if you are going to need it. (This is also a RED FLAG when you eat something that contains vanilla flavoring... like ice cream, marshmallows, and a gazillion other things you may think are safe.

Celiacs should be careful NOT to eat Blue Cheese or Blue Cheese dressings, etc... because the mold in the cheese is started using a bread containing wheat flour.

Celiacs need to avoid Wheat, Rye, Oats and Barley, and anything derived from them. You may hear things about oats having been found to be safe, but I think the jury is still out on that one, and at our house, we aren't taking any chances.

This is by no means all of the quirky little things that Celiacs need to be aware of, but I will add to this discussion often, if anyone is interested in hearing about these things.

Marilyn Deacon
May 25, 2010

What Celiacs Need to Know About Lactose Intollerance

I just wanted to address the issue of possible Lactose Intolerance that becomes a problem for Celiacs. We discovered that it CAN be reversed with diet alone!

Some Celiacs may also be Lactose Intolerant, which is actually caused by the Celiac Disease. As you know, the villi in the small intestine, which are very important to absorb nutrition for our bodies, have a tiny little tip that produces Lactase... the chemical needed to digest Lactose found in Dairy products. Celiac disease makes these villi flatten out, and they are no longer capable of making Lactase, or absorbing nutrients for the body. The longer a person stays on a diet that contains gluten, the more of these villi are flattened, and there have been cases recorded where the body is receiving less and less nutrition.

My husband was Lactose (Dairy) intolerant when he was diagnosed as a Celiac. After drinking rice milk for a couple of years, he fell in the bathroom, struck his jaw on the tub, and broke his jaw in 3 places. So, his mouth was wired shut for 2 months. Here's where our lesson comes in... after feeding him everything that was from the blender, and my daughter and I very carefully watched his GF diet. When the wire came out, and he could eat normally again, the Dr. told us to do a "Dairy Challenge", which involves him eating something like Cheddar Cheese. If this did not cause diarrhea, then he tried other dairy, and all worked great!!!! Staying on a strict GF diet for 2 months allowed enough of his villi in his intestine to heal, and produce Lactase again.

I think this helps to show that if Celiacs take good care of themselves diet-wise, some of that intestine can heal, and you will once again be able to absorb necessary nutrients, as well.

I am not a Dr, and I have no medical training, but I am sharing with you what I have learned in about 12 years of study and feeding my Celiac husband. My own personal advice to all Celiacs is to follow that GF Diet, and stick with it. It is very important to keep your small intestine as healthy as possible to avoid malnutrition.
I am not saying this to scare anyone, but just to help you learn more about what effect diet can have on this disease.