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This group is for anyone who homesteads or is just trying to live a more self sufficient lifestyle. Share your recipes and tips for the homestead.
My hubby and I live on a small farm have goats, horses, dogs, cats and soon, chickens. We garden and can. I am also trying my hand at cheesemaking !
We would love to hear your ideas for the homestead. Welcome ! Come sit a spell with us.

Millie Johnson
Aug 7, 2018


Hey y'all,
I hope everybody is doing great and still cooking up bunches of awesomeness in your kitchens ! I have been tinkering with the idea of making pasta from scratch. Holy mackerel, I never knew there was so many shapes !!!!! This is going to be fun. I still have to find ingredients (one of the bummers of being out in the sticks) but as soon as I do, it is ON ! lol
Anywho, I found a fabulous video on how to make 29 handmade pasta shapes. I just have to share it ! I hope you enjoy it, too.

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Sharon Colyer
Apr 25, 2018


Am working on a pm to send you. But, for now, I am sending this article.


Millie Johnson
Jan 4, 2018

Happy New Year !

I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year !
We have new beginnings this year on the homestead with two new does to start our new dairy goat herd. These girls came from a tested herd so hopefully we won't have any problems. Logging is starting on the new homestead site soon and we hope to start building this spring/summer.
We raised two pigs for slaughter this past year and I have to say, it's the best pork I have eaten in decades ! Fact: happy pigs = yummy meat. There is so much more flavor than the bland and boring pork from the grocery store !
I even smoked the bellies and sliced it into bacon. Jowls, too. The fat will be rendered into lard (its in the freezer right now). Leaf lard for baking and the rest for frying and soap making. Once I get it rendered we will be butchering 2 goats for the freezer. Always something to do on a homestead. LOL.. Now if it would just warm up some, I would be happy. No fun breaking ice and lugging hot water out to the critters. I'm thankful to live in the south where we are at least above 0*F !!! I feel for those of you that are having brutal -20* to -40* weather ! Ya'll are tuff !!!
Sharing a pix of my oldest grand daughter on our first winter's snow. I think she took a great selfie !
Happy Homesteading ya'll !

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Millie Johnson
Apr 26, 2017

Bug control

With planting season comes the bugs. They like just love to eat the plants you just spent all that time (and money) planting. This is one of my go to recipes to take care of the awful little creatures.
Neem Oil Spray for Garden Pests & Fungal Disease

Millie Johnson
Mar 27, 2017

Farm update

Sorry I have not been on here lately, but so much has been going on here at the homestead. We have had some setbacks, but also making some great changes. We are moving the homestead ! We found 6.65 acres of land closer to town. It will take us time to clear some of the trees where an old pasture was 20 years ago, which is now in pine trees that are too small to get anyone to buy (bummer). We will be leaving as many trees as possible since goats are browsers not grazers. We will only cut about 2 acres or less. Where we are now was clear cut before we bought it and it can get really hot with no shade trees ! What I like about the new property is the trees. Our front yard will be nice and shady then behind the house will be cleared for barn and pasture then after that will be woods all the way to Big Wills Creek. I hope that we can get moved before winter. All depends on how long it takes to sell our rental property. When it sells we will break ground for the house. In the meantime we will be clearing, fencing and building the barn and out buildings.
Had one of my does test positive for CL so will be testing the others and probably just starting over with the goats with new stock that has been tested. This nasty stuff can stay in the soil for years, so it is a blessing that we plan to move. Of course it was my favorite and only registered doe ! :(
For some reason jap is not letting me post any pics so here is a google link.... photos.google.com/...XdvWXlwY05UVmpR

sallye bates
Dec 25, 2016


Have a magical day filled with the wonder and joy of this Christmas season.

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Sherry Blizzard
Jun 20, 2016

Can Sealer Questions

I am thinking of buying a can sealer and going to cans vs jars. I have the go-ahead from hubby. The cheapest is $200. The rationale is that we are leaving AK in 3 years and want to process our salmon in cans. Does anyone have experience with can sealers and pressure canning? Can you reuse the cans? We thought that because I have to pressure it for 90 minutes it will be sterilized. I'm not sure I want to go through with this until I learn more.

Does anyone have experience with a can sealer? Any recommendations?