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Allison Hazell
Feb 1, 2013

Just a Pinch is a Wonderul Site!

Having seen two of my favorite JAP cooks on TV this morning says it all. What I love about this site, and I've been on a lot of cooking sites, is that it is home cooking. These are recipes we either had passed down to us or created on our own. Or, if we find something we like somewhere else, we share and give credit to the original author. I find this site extremely user friendly and more like a friendly community. Thank you JAP. You are very unique, and still very comfy!

Jane Whittaker
Feb 1, 2013

I caught the program

What a thrill to have 2 of our members be on national TV.
To have someone you actually know is just a rush. Sherri you looked awsome!
Congrats to both of our gals!

Heidi Hoerman
Feb 1, 2013

Awwww. I think one of our JAPpers shoulda won.

Both Sherrie's & Nancy's looked delicious and you guys did a great job of being clear and informative in that incredibly rushed format they do on TV. Congrats! You made us very proud to be your electronic friends!

Kitchen Crew
Feb 1, 2013

Check out the video!

We've posted the link to the Today Show video within the group. Check it out!! We're so proud of you both - you looked positively radiant on camera, in spite of the cold!!

Pat DiMercurio
Feb 1, 2013


So I'm hurrying to get this stupid TV to turn on and the remote wasn't working. Finally....... Got it on just as they started the segment with the wings. They're outside freezing and ... unfortunately our girls didn't win, but the wings (and the girls) looked fantastic. The guy who did win had ghost peppers in his glaze so I don't know how she could taste anything after that. But there's some serious hot wings going on there.
Congrats to our girls Sherri and Nancy, you are both winners in my book.

Sherri Williams
Jan 31, 2013

time change...

The show will air live at 8:45 EST. Please tune in. We hung out tonight after the rehearsal. Nancy and I had a blast. It's so cold here in NYC. I'm not use to this weather. LOL...I'm gonna freeze my kabooka off. Nancy is having problems with her cell. I'll keep you all posted.