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Yes I am from Buffalo NY where the buffalo wings originated. It may get cold here but we sure know how to put out great recipes. Famous for our pizza, beef on weck, Subs and of course chicken wings!
I see alot of great recipes made from our famous sauce. So please share your creations and unique recipes! Go Sabres!!

Snow finally!!

Good Morning Buffalo fans, or just Chicken Wing fans ;)
Anybody else get snow?? We keep breaking records here. Been so warm, but last night when I stepped out of work it finally snowed, was very cold and windy. This morning not so cold. The snow stuck and it is pretty (for now) I know more to come and soon Il be hoping for spring. Thats a ways away!!!!
Enjoy Your Day All! And share Your fun wing recipes :D
Heres a pic of last years snow storm coming in the city.

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Hello All!

Good Morning. Have to share........
My Son Jayde does graphics for a living. This is his work they used for shirts. Pretty proud Mom here ;)

Weather warming up today! Finally! Anybody get spring weather yet???
Welcome newest Members!!! :D

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Morning Buffalo Fans!

How is Everybody doing???? Any new wing recipes to share???? I do have a few but so far behind on posting.
Easter plans???? Family time for Me ;) Looking forward to quality time and good eats!
Did I mention there calling for snow today and tomorrow? :( Wheres spring????

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Still cold here in Buffalo!!! This is how We all feel!

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