Miraculous Movie Munchies

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I ultimately love having a movie night and making goodies to munch on while curling up in a warm cozy blanket and pj's. What kind of munchies do you make to watch a movie besides the original popcorn? Share your ideas and flav's for the evening.

Lynn Hendrickson
Aug 18, 2013

Tom Cruise

Well I just watched Tom Cruise's movie Jack Reacher and had homemade crab meat dip i will send the recipe great movie all you tom cruise lovers. He has been my ultimate hotey since i was a teen.

Lynn Hendrickson
Jan 10, 2013

New Movie

We just watched Music and Lyrics; it's a good movie. Really cute love story.

Lynn Hendrickson
Jan 8, 2013

Movie Dates

What's your favorite movies? I love watching movies on Sunday nights with a few munchies and chilling out in some snoopy pajamas. What are your ideas for some healthy goodies to munch on? My daughter and I just watched Couples Retreat; it's great not my favorite though. My favorite is anything with Tom Cruise (Top Gun) or Julia Roberts.