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People ask me frequently "How did you make that?" I love to learn how to make new dishes or learn new techniques. I also love to share my cooking with others. I would love to get a group going for people to share their talents and ideas and have a cooking group club for your area. I just didn't know where to start so I thought I would start here.

Lynn Hendrickson
Jan 8, 2013


Risotto sounds good; I did not know what it was I had to look it up. I have a recipe that calls for fresh zucchini squash and some other Italian ingredients. I will share it with you.

Caren King
Jan 7, 2013

What would you share?

Quite a few people I know are in the dark about risotto. I love risotto and make it frequently. It looks scary to make but it is really quite easy and the flavors are so versatile.
What would you like to share?