Tasty Tea Time

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I thought creating tasty treats for tea time would be really splendid and a great conversation piece to talk about when you have guests over for the old fashioned tea time. Please post a tasty treat you and others might enjoy with a nice soothing cup of tea. Remember when your daughter was little and you had the fake tea parties with her favorite dolls and stuffed animals well your never too old for tea parties. My daughter is 16 and we have tea once in a while with my Baklava recipe; it's a perfect mouth watering pastry and very comforting. Enjoy it!

Lynn Hendrickson
Jan 6, 2013

Celestial Seasonings

I love Baklava with coconut thai tea from Celestial Seasonings. This recipe is a perfect way to set the mood to be cheery and warm hearted. I thought I would share it with you. Sometimes I use cool whip to dip the fresh kiwi in; yummy and fresh whole cherries to garnish. I like being different.