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Ladies who like to craft, sew, quilt and eat. LOL

Bonnie Beck
Mar 10, 2014

Calling all quilters, crafters and cooks

Calling all quilters, crafters and cooks.... Important question to ask.

My mind had been thinking of something I think would be fabulous and alot of fun. Something that would join us quilters, crafters and cooks together in a fun rewarding project.

I was think it would be fun to make a quilt with everyones best or blue ribbon recipes. All you'd need to do is print it on a stencil and iron that on a quilt square. I think if we divide the country in 3 section with a few meeting up to put their section of the country. What does everyone think.

Bonnie Beck
Mar 9, 2014


I love to quilt, knit, sew and crochet.
Earlier today I was watching the Waltons and this is what was on. I never heard of this tradition and I think it's lovely.