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a Group specially made for those "Out of the Box" recipes that make people say "Hmmmm, I wonder if that works..." So Share your Oddball recipes and ideas, and let us know what Odd combinations you put together :)

Cindi Bauer
Nov 29, 2014

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich... "YUM"

I've never had a turkey and cranberry sandwich, not until 5 years ago, and after I came across this recipe, which was posted by Emily Mathews at food.com. The turkey and cranberry sauce goes so well together, plus the bacon, mayo, red onion and provolone cheese, brings this sandwich over the top. I love this sandwich, and hope others will give it a try!

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

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Bob Cooney
Jul 27, 2013

Can a Crazy Retired Fireman come and share????

I have a few " Out of the Ordinary " recipes....

I Love to share as well....

Bob Cooney

Anthony Nicometi Jr
Dec 13, 2012

Haven't even Tried, And I already Love it!!

Spinach Artichoke Dip Pasta

Looking at this makes my mouth water!!! I love the idea of taking an appitizer and turning it into an entree, And this is the epitome of that! I'm gonna make this for my mom this weekend, She loveeees Spinach dip (:

Straws Kitchen
Dec 11, 2012

Giggle with the Goats...set to Christmas Music

This should put a smile on your face...
Merry CHRISTmas to everyone on JAP

Anthony Nicometi Jr
Dec 11, 2012

My Kind of Recipe!!!

Chili Cheese Ball

Chili and Cheese happen too be 2 of my favorite things on this planet! To seem them put in a Cheese ball? Count me in!!! I'm making this After work one day this week. I'm anticipating that It will be Delicious...But then again, How could it not?