"The Galley and the Grill ... A Real Man's World"

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Men of Kitchen and Grill Culinary Artiste ... Speak Out!" No longer can women hold reign over the oven or the grill ... the kitchen has been breached ... Odinary Everyday Men have finally stood up and taken equal and many times sole reign of the once female dominated art of putting together tantilizing, appetizing and out of this world rediculously and scrumptiously delectable dishes of "Edible Eats"

So come oh masculine ones, come forward and lay claim to equal if not dominate recognition of your culinary geniouses in the "Galley and on the Grill" ... for if "Firemen" can so can you Doctors, Lawyers, Steel Workers, Farmers, Sanitation Workers, Lifeguards, First Responders and EMT's, Ship Builders, Contruction Workers, Hamberger Flippers, Waiters, Mechanics, Compurter Geeks, Technicians, Nurses, Janitors, Teachers, Students, Healthcare Aides, Masons, Electricians, Artists, and every position and trade inbetween!! Give your best renditions and along with Bios and photos

John Shaw
Jan 14, 2014

New cooking grandpa

I'm 66 and just started cooking a year ago and loving the adventure in the kitchen. No one ever taught me anything to I learn my using Betty Crocker, Taste of Home and now JAP. I like simple recipes with user ratings so this site is great for me. I got started with a slow cooker and now expanding. I still work part time in inside sales here in Rhode Island.