Recipes Of Memories Cookbook Series 1 Volume 1

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Stored in crusty little boxes, written on sheets of old note paper that's now crinkled up and stuffed into already over cramped up drawers or shoved into old binders that lay idle on a shelf somewhere and completely forgotten, or up in some attic or in some dark and damp basement in a box or crate somewhere in a far back corner... that's where those cherrishe old family recipes now lay ... waiting and begging to be set fre ... to be brought back to life, to be "Born Again"!

"Recipes of Memories" is to be uniquely "First" in a new cookbook presentation concept. It will actually "Bio" original or tweeked old existing recipes and their creator(s)/tweeker(s), their families through the generations right up to today. It will show how the recipe has been handed down and how the family as whole has kept to it's tried and true original compose and/or how it has transpired and changed through time by various family members.

Each category will feature at least 3 to 5 families complete with family bio and pictures and of course the "featured recipe"

There will be a minimum of categories, some will have sub-categories, for example: "Soups, Stews and Caseroles" then there will be at least 3 sub-categories: Creamed, Cold and Hot.

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