U.S. Military Cook and Bakers Galley

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A Cook and Baker site for those of us that Fed our military,,, No matter were,,No matter how and no matter when....We followed regulations,, we created and we sweat...

Bill Miller
Nov 24, 2012

U.S. Coast Guard Cook and Baker ,,non rated

I am 85 ,,, still a Cook and a Baker... I started my career of Commissary during WW2 as A Mounted Patrol Guardsman. Our Station was on Little Talbot Island, Fla. Off Fernandina... I lied about my age and was 15 at this time... We needed a cook and Baker for our 23 man crew... thinking the Galley be better than the stable,, I volunteered for the Galley Position,,,, The stove ,Wood... The Water, A Pump, (Hand pump)...Never having cooked on a wood stove let alone Cook before I was soon to find out there was never time to learn,, one did what one had to do,, and you just dug in and off you go....