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With the economy today, its nice to be able to save on recipes and cooking tips. Coupons are always good but knowing some alternatives to ingredients and recipes are definately a plus. Did You ever use those little bit of leftovers and turn them into a whole new meal for penney's more?
So please share your money saving tips and meals. My piggy bank thanks all of you. :)

Cute Idea

We decided to do this at work.

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Great idea!

Those fancy boxes can be expensive. Look at how easy and cute this is.

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Good Morning Smart Shoppers

What to serve when on a budget and You want to make a lovely dinner for someone.
For Fathers day I made pork steaks with classic french onion potatoes and fr onion green beans. My Dad was so impressed He called the next Day to ask what kind of steak I served, said it was delicious and cooked to perfection. Well I would of loved to get Him a nice porterhouse. But for the price I paid for the pork I was able to get 6 nice big pork butt steaks for less then 1 nice porterhouse. Very easy to cook, I grilled on the grill for about 3 minutes per side then let them rest. S&P and soy sauce was all I used to season. I would say this was one of the nicest dinners I made for the whole family rounded out to about $15 and that includes pretty brownies for dessert.

Love to hear how You can make those great impressive dinners on a budget.

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Good Morning All

How was Everybodies Christmas?? Great time for those round 2 recipes!! Share all Your fun recipes! This is My favorite thing to do, also coming up with a good recipe with barely anything in the pantry! Which reminds Me I also have a group Stop on by!! Yesterday I made a great pasta dish with a can of tomatoes and a few vegetables in the refrigerator ;) My Granddaughter couldnt stop eating it!!!

Hope Everybody has a great Day!!!!!

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Morning Friends

Just popping in to say Hello from Buffalo! Getting colder and Im positive there will be snow for Christmas!
Have a great Day!!

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Glad You made it Sharon! ;)

Good Morning!

Hope everybody has a great day! Welcome to all new members!!!
Almost Friday!!!! ;)

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Sharon Colyer
Dec 3, 2014

Happy To Be Joining!!

So glad my JAP services are letting me do things I want to do! I couldn't join any groups, until it got better. I still don't know, if they will stay. But, glad to be here, Lisa!!