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Recipes with Beer...Please!

Isn't drunk food fun??

Share your recipes that use beer or any other alcohol here!


Straws Kitchen
Nov 12, 2012

Beer and Wine

I do not drink BUT I love cooking/baking with beer and wines.
Cin's Beer Bread

Melissa Baldan
Nov 10, 2012

Funny Story

Tonight my 9 year old son was walking around with some wrapping paper...I was like "Excuse me? What are you doing with that?" He says, snickering..."Wrapping a christmas present for Cindy (his sister)."

I looked at the gift he was wrapping...a half gone roll of TP! O_o

Melissa Baldan
Nov 10, 2012

What type to avoid?

Do you find that any type of alcohol makes your food come out not so good?

Bob Wakeman
Nov 10, 2012

Love to cook with Beer and Wine.

Alot of my recipes have beer or wine in them. Just think it brings out the flavors more...

Melissa Baldan
Nov 6, 2012

What Beer/Wine inspired meal are you making to celebrate?

Tonight marks the ends of a debate filled couple months.
Any special beer or wine inspired dinners out there?