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This group isnt just for Daleville Alabama, any one can join, talk, share, give tips or whatever :) I own DalevilleAlabamaKitchens.com and I add recipes there, but since I found this site I have been here more than there..... lol

Marie Baker
Nov 20, 2012


I cannot wait for Thanksgiving!! It's my favorite holiday of the year!! I make Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, veggies, potatoes, and all the fixins that go with that meal, plus some extras! mmmmmm

I make my pie crust and dinner rolls from scratch. Do you?

What are you making for Thanksgiving???

Marie Baker
Nov 1, 2012

Hmmmm Bread later this evening, I'm thinking so.....

I am gonna look for some good bread recipes later. I love making bread, eating it, buttering it, dipping in sauce or gravy. I love it! :)~ Did I mention I really, really like homemade bread?

What are you thinking, do you have any good recipes?

Millie Johnson
Oct 31, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I don't live in Daleville now , but did live there for a while as a child . My father was military so we moved ALOT. I live in North Alabama now with my husband of 24 years. You can check out my photo albums to see some of our little farm.
I look foward to sharing recipes and friendship !