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Here at JAP I've notices something. We are all VERY different.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a spot where you can have a voice and an opinion about things without being ridiculed or stomped on by the other members of a group because you think or feel differently?
How about a place where you can, not only, share recipes; but a place where we can be family and have discussions and friendly debates? But mostly...a place where we can be cooks from all different walks of life, embracing our differences and learning from each other.
If you are a newbie cook or an old pro...Welcome.
If you are straight or gay or bi...welcome!
If you are black or white or brown...welcome.
If you are man or woman...welcome.
If you are a grandmother or a grandson...welcome.
Our food is so wonderful because of the spices that we add! Shouldn't the people in life add spice, too?


Melissa Baldan
Sep 3, 2013

Anyone Else Sad about Back to School?

I have missed my kids like crazy today! :-(

Melissa Baldan
Nov 12, 2012

What is your favorite meal, start to finish, to cook?

Do you have a go to meal? One you know everyone will love everything on the table? Tell me about it!

Melissa Baldan
Nov 8, 2012

Name a Time When

Name a time when you felt like you had to defend yourself instead of keep to yourself?

Melissa Baldan
Nov 5, 2012


Why Democrats will vote for Obama:

We don't hate money. We hate greed.

We don't hate freedom of religion. We hate the power you think you have to control us with your religion.

We don't hate capitalism. We hate unethical business practices.

We don't want free healthcare. We want affordable, available and preventative healthcare there when we need it.

We don't hate America. We hate those who tell us we hate America because it fits their agenda to make us look like the bad guys.

Freedom is for EVERYONE; not just those who deem themselves worthy because they can best afford it.

In a nation of by, and for the people - we are our government. You can fight to reform it, or you can leave.

Please don’t forget to exercise your right to express your freedom and your voice on Tuesday.

Melissa Baldan
Nov 5, 2012

Exciting Times!

With election day upon us, it is always so hard to avoid the chatter of vote this - vote that. Yes on this, No on that...
Take the time to create a recipe (or at least try a new one) that makes you feel good. November should be a time of Thanksgiving, not a time of separation because of Republicans vs. Democrats...Let's relax, have a cup of tea and remember all the reasons we're so lucky to be alive!