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ok mother's and father's unite! I want to try and create a series of cookbooks for the bachelor. my son is turning 23 in a few days and I would love to give him a set of cookbooks at christmas to help him in his new place as a single adult male. got any ideas? recipes,hints,quick fixes,guidelines and cleaning tips all welcome. lets make a series of books to help a young man start out with a little help from Mom,grandma,friends and peers. i am hoping for 4 volumes of 50 recipes per book. so send them my way and lets see what we can come up with. nothing will be turned down. just make it simple we are speaking to a young adult male in his first place after all.

merry Christmas to all

Hello from NC, I am home for the next 14 days, and believe me my family has a mommy cook this list as long as i am tall starting with Christmas dinner and working all the way to new years. I started today with the cinnamon impressions. My grandson made his mom and dad a foot print and a hand. we are going to paint them tomorrow. just a little white wash dip in flour paste. so they will show his prints but still smell the house up with cinnamon. i just got done with my cherry salad. that is going to be the center piece for my table. as this is my families favorite holiday treat. next on to the pies. Sunday Amish bread. all 14 loaves Monday is potatoes pealed and diced and green bean casserole and nibble corn as my grand son puts it. more later but again Merry Christmas from NC. and the Kelley family.

now the real work begins.

ok now the hints book much be complete and to do this i have to post each and every hint as i go so i can upload it as a recipe so please bare with me and i hope soon to have the set complete

book 2 of 4 is now complete

ok i have completed the dinner for two book. You all have made it so easy with all your great recipes for two that i just pinched thanks so much my son and his friends are going to love this set of books.

book 3 of 4 is complete

hello to all book 3 of four is complete. cooking to survive. check it out please. and thanks to all the great cooks out here whose recipes i pinched to make this book and the dinner for two book. as well as ultimate game day recipe. thanks again to all and keep them coming i love pinching.

book 4 of 4 has been published

ok started back wards i have put together book four of the four bachelor's books. have a look and enjoy. (i hope)

Books are in the works, we have four

We have volumes to the Bachelor's Guide. 1* Helpful hints
2* Dinner for Two
3* cooking to survive
4* ultimate game day recipes.
if you have anything you think fits in any of these books please feel free to post here. i am hoping to get them up and published by mid november. remember these books are designed to help a young guy fresh out on his own in his own place. Yea i know a folding chair and mattress on the floor worked fine for most of our guys when they just started out but think back on what horror you really and truly felt when you first walked in to his "pad" and all you seen was dixie cups and paper plates and the nearest thing to a bed or chair was a old spool he found on the side of the road that because a chair/stool/table and his mattress off his bed from his parents house or one he also found on the side of the road. these books are to help our sons get past that um "pad" stage and let them say hey this is my home "welcome" so please any help you guys and gals can give. i would be grateful.

ok lets get to the spices, shall we

spice and cook kit on the go.

i have a tag along spice box that carries everything i need for cooking right together. this is not only perfect for a small kitchen but for a busy lifestyle of church dinners,picnics and camping. don't think your girl won't appreciate the fact that when she goes to cook that meal you have all the spices she needs right on hand with all the cookware with it.