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This is a group for wives and mothers devoted to cooking from scratch.

Feel free to join and share the best of what you have cooking at home!

Tiffany Bannworth
Dec 22, 2014

The Christmas Goose

I love, love, love Christmas. The Christmas Goose is always at the center of our table. I will be serving 10 this year, so I bought some Cornish hens as well. What mouthwatering recipes will you be serving this year? The old the recipe, the better.

Tiffany Bannworth
Sep 24, 2013


Menu planning will be in full throttle after Halloween. Let's get an early start. Please share your best Thanksgiving menu items here for the other member to peruse.

Thanks again, Ladies!

Tiffany Bannworth
Feb 16, 2013

Mint Recipes

My new craze is cooking with mint in unexpected places. I favor mint-meat-Arabic combinations. I am growing about 5 types of mint in my garden. Please share your favorite mint recipes. Something unexpected, that doesn't taste like toothpaste.

Ladies, what are you serving at home?

April Billedeau
Feb 7, 2013

Old Recipes/Ideas

I work at my local library, and our Centennial Celebration is coming upon us. I've been put in charge of putting together old recipes/homemade cleaning products and homemaker helpful hints from around 1914. Does anyone know of anywhere I might be able to find recipes from that time period, or maybe you have some of your grandmother or great-grandmothers recipes or ideas you might be willing to share? Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Tiffany Bannworth
Jan 21, 2013

Valentine's Day

Ladies, what is your most romantic meal? I remember as a child seeing a Jacque Pepin episode (LOVE him), and it was the Valentine's Special.

He made some sort of meat with a raspberry, and I want to say chocolate sauce, believe it or not.

How are we going to spoil our men this year? Espresso-rubbed Steaks or Brandy and Cherry Ribs... your secrets are safe with us!

Tiffany Bannworth
Nov 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Recipes

Come on, Ladies! What are those super secret delicious recipes you cook every year. Share them here. We promise not to tell the in-laws.

Tiffany Bannworth
Oct 25, 2012

Halloween Fare

Do you have a favorite Halloween dish, that is just spooktacular?

Please share, and let's spoil our husbands and children this year.