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This is for those who are searching for a particular type of recipe.

Stacey Hunt
Feb 6, 2013

Expensive Cherries

Why oh why are the tart baking cherries so expensive. I wanted to bake a cherry pie for the family for Valentines day. Come to find out, the canned variety, called Oregon, which is the fresh packed tart cherries packed in water, are selling at $4.87 per 14 oz. can!!! On order to make a nice full pie, it will take 2 cans. I will never consider buying the Wilderness Pie Filling variety as it is too sticky and thick.
I just wanted a simple, old fashioned home made Cherry Pie.
I live in an area that produces cherries, and near to Salem Oregon that is the nations, and maybe the world's largest marachinno cherry distributors. But, even those are so expensive to use for pineapple upside down cakes, etc.
I have looked at the frozen cherries, and that might be a bit cheaper, but again, why so expensive when we live near cherry orchards?
There are the frozen pies, but I still like to "mom bake" for the grown kids. And I suppose I could go to a restaurant or bakery, which is what I might just do.
During the month of February, a local old time restaurant has the best deal around! 1 slice of pie for yearly deals, sometimes 50-77 cents...always under $1.00 even if you just want pie and coffee. I might have to start going there instead.

Patricia Jones
Jan 6, 2013

Looking for an old Muffin Recipe

Hi everyone. I am looking for an old muffin recipe my Mom used to make back in the early 60s when we lived in Wellington, Ohio. This is a barely sweet muffin that resembles cornbread muffins when they come out of the oven. She then made a sweet vanilla sauce to pour over the muffin. When I asked her for the recipe before she passed away in 1995, she couldn't remember even ever making these. I searched and searched all her old recipes, but no luck. Please, please, please if anyone is familiar with this muffin, let me know how to track it down. Thanks so much.

Marilyn Mittelstadt
Oct 13, 2012

Need a tomato appetizer

I am going to a dinner party at a friend's home. Her son is on a low-fat, low-carb diet and we're trying to come up with an appetizer that would appeal to him and still be healthy. He loves tomatoes, so her first thought was bruschetta, but then we have the carbs in the bread. Does anyone have a good recipe for something like a tomato dip that we could serve with fresh veggies. I'm open for any ideas.