I dare you!

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Is there a recipe you might be interested in making, but want someone else to be the guinea pig? Have a recipe that you've posted but don't have any feedback on it? Well, tell the group, "I dare you to make ... "! The idea is that if someone accepts the challenge, in the next 7 days, they will make the meal. Once the meal is made, the one who took the dare reports back to us and tells us all about it! Was it easy, delicious, wonderful or did it barely please the dog? Of course, it would be nice if that comment was also posted on the original recipe page so the author has an opportunity to see our group too!

Hope this sounds like fun, it does to me!

Jennifer Scott
Oct 10, 2012

Our first dare!

Hi ladies - I'd love to know how this turns out - anyone up for trying to make the French Onion Soup Dumpling? If you are, make sure to keep one leftover, refrigerate it, and let me know if it reheats well :)