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shawn eide
Aug 22, 2016


Wanted to make dill pickles but cucumbers re too big, will they still work if I spear them. Thanks for your help

Deb Crane
Aug 20, 2016

Reusable canning lids?

Has anyone ever tried these? I have never even heard of them before! :0

Sue Ringler
Jul 24, 2016

I am looking for a jelly recipe

Does anyone have a recipe for Blueberry Lavender Jelly? I found a mixed berry one here on this site. Could I use just blueberries in place of the mixed fruit? I'm thinking I may have to experiment.

Cyndi Phillips
Jul 24, 2016

Clear jel

Help....... I can't find any clear jel. I'm wanting to can some pie fillings. Is there anyway of making it or could I use something else.

Maggie ^O^
Jul 23, 2016

Candied Pickles

Does anyone have a recipe for these? They were quite popular back in the 60's.

David Courington
Jun 30, 2016

Powdered Pectin by the pound and SureGel

I started getting my pectin from a couple of years ago. They sell it by the pound and it is way less expensive than buying it by the box at the grocery store. Last year I was looking for cook type SureGel and they sell it as well as the non cook type. I must say that I was very pleased with the products and their pectin preforms well and I have not had a failure with it even though I have used some that was purchased over two years ago. The site is and the stuff they sell there is amazing. I am not a spokesperson for them or anything either, I just know that when I find some place that has great stuff for the home canner it is something that I share.

Sherry Blizzard
Jun 20, 2016

Can Sealer Question

I am thinking of buying a can sealer and going to cans vs jars. I have the go-ahead from hubby. The cheapest is $200. The rationale is that we are leaving AK in 3 years and want to process our salmon in cans. Does anyone have experience with can sealers and pressure canning? Can you reuse the cans? We thought that because I have to pressure it for 90 minutes it will be sterilized. I'm not sure I want to go through with this until I learn more.

Does anyone have experience with a can sealer? Any recommendations?

Millie Johnson
Mar 20, 2016

Just call me "Lucky" !

A friend of mine stopped by for a visit the other day and came bearing a gift... a pressure canner she saved from being thrown in the trash ! A friend she knew didn't can no more so was just going to throw it away. Can you believe it ? I may go ahead and order a new seal for it, but I really think this one's okay, but I get a little paranoid when it comes to pressure canners. LOL
Now I'll be able to get the green beans canned twice as fast ! Yay !