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hi welcome to my group. i am italian . was raised in ITALY , SO I WANT TO CREATE A GROUP that has real italian recipes . the way they cook in ITALY .. AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN VERSION OF ITALIAN FOOD BUT IT'S NOT NECESSARLY RIGHT . ALSO I WILL HAVE OTHER FOODS IN HERE , BUT MAINLY ITALIAN .

Letizia Tripp
Thursday at 12:11 PM

kids are coming over tonight

hello everybody ,

hope everybody is doing well .

tonight my kids are coming over for dinner . love it !!!

making their favorite dish.. pasta with vegetables !!! we all love's it , it's sooo good !!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Jul 14, 2017

having company

hello everybody

I have a couple of days off , so I wanted to have some company!!!

I love to cook and .love to entertain !!!!!!!!.

I like to do small dinner parties .. this time I wanted to invite some friends that I never had over , but been wanting to do it . just a matter of time .

so I invited 4 friends , wanted couple more but they were busy , but that is good enough .

my friends know I am a good cook , so they are excited about coming .

this is the menu .

for appetizer , making a tomato bruschetta ,

main dish is baked ziti with salad and garlic bread.

dessert I am making my famous and delicious banana split cake .

of coarse , I have wine too . moscato and white zinfandel .

sounds good ????

I am looking forward to it .

cleaned house today , so tomorrow I just have to cook !!!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Jul 2, 2017

happy 4th of july weekend

I want to wish all my friends a happy holiday weekend .

I have off a long weekend .
hoping to have some fun !!

Letizia Tripp
Jul 1, 2017

what is everybody doing for the 4th of july ????/

hellooo my friends

this 4th is almost here
what is everybody doing for the 4th of july?

I am going to my brother's . he is having a big party . looking forward to it .

Letizia Tripp
Jun 29, 2017

took a day of pampering myself

yesterday I pampered myself , I got a nice spa pedicure and got 4th of july colors and a design of fireworks on my toes . came out nice !!!!
then I also dyed my hair and got rid of the gray .. feel good !!

ready for the 4th of july celebration !

Letizia Tripp
Jun 26, 2017

exciting news!!!!!

i am very excited ..

my niece is going to have .. her first baby! next week , we find out the gender of the baby!!!! cant wait to find out what it will be so i can start shopping!!!

i will either get a great niece or great nephew to spoil!!

Letizia Tripp
May 29, 2017

happy memorial day !!!!!!!!!

hello everybody ..

what is everybody doing this memorial day ??????

very hot and humid here in FL today ..

no plans for me .. I have to work and we'll be super busy!!!!!

whatever you are doing .. hope you enjoy the day and be safe!!!!!! most important remember the heroes that died for our freedom !!!!!!!!

happy memorial day!!!!!