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hi welcome to my group. i am italian . was raised in ITALY , SO I WANT TO CREATE A GROUP that has real italian recipes . the way they cook in ITALY .. AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN VERSION OF ITALIAN FOOD BUT IT'S NOT NECESSARLY RIGHT . ALSO I WILL HAVE OTHER FOODS IN HERE , BUT MAINLY ITALIAN .

Letizia Tripp
Oct 6, 2018

group Movies

Does anybody know if group if this group is still open ? i posted a couple of times , long time ago , i check on it every ounce in a while , no activities . can somebody let me know please ?

Letizia Tripp
Oct 6, 2018


good morning friends and happy weekend !!

hallooween month is here !!!!!!!
anybody gets really into hallowween? do you decorate and dress up ?

the stores are full of decorations now .. I like to look at them .. I don't really get into it too much ,, but I did buy just a few decorations for inside , nothing outside .
I never dress up for Halloween , when I was a kid of coarse I did but never as an adult .

I know some adults really love Hallooween and love to dress up

I think the costumes are great on kiids . I love to see the kids dressed up .

I love to bake , but don't do any special baking for hallooween either .. lol

any of you do any special things for Hallowwen ?

Letizia Tripp
Sep 21, 2018

i had a very interesting day

hello my friends

yesterday I had an interesting day . wanted to do something good for my sis in law and brother . first I was happy and very excited . then something went very wrong and I got very upset .. but I was able to turn it around and make it good again . lol

my sis in law had problems with her feet for few days and had to keep her feet up .. so I wanted to cook them a dinner and surprise them had not told them about it .

so I cooked chicken cacciatore and it got burned .. ugh .. was soo upset .. could not save any .

so luckily I had more chicken in the freezer , took it out on the counter and let it defrost .

I cooked it again , was more careful this time . came out delicious . also made green beans and biscuits to go with it . then I called so they could pick it up .

my sis in law was very surprised and happy they really appreciated it .. I was happy

Letizia Tripp
Sep 12, 2018

french onion soup

hello my friends

I just posted my new recipe . French onion soup . I shared it with all my g roups . please take a look at it and tell me what you think .
I think it's really yummy!!

Letizia Tripp
Sep 1, 2018

happy labor day weekend !!!!!!!

hello everybody

what's everybody doing this weekend ?
i don't have any plans . i have to work Monday night . i worked today , off tomorrow but i plan on relaxing !!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Jun 22, 2018

weekend trip

I am soo excited , going on a short trip this weekend with my daughter , going to visit my BFF , haven't seen her in 2 years . it's a half 2 and half hour drive .

I never get to go anywhere . so am excited , plus to see my BFF . I miss her . it's a very short trip cause we leave sat and come back sunday . still nice to get away . I know we'll have fun

Letizia Tripp
Jun 9, 2018

happy weekend

good morning and happy weekend to all

what you doing this weekend ? anything fun ?

I am working but tomorrow I get off early and I am going to the movies with couple of friends .

we are watching BOOK CLUB . saw a lot of advertising . funny movie , good actors . cant wait to see it

Letizia Tripp
May 31, 2018

getting ready for company again

good morning friends

last week I had company from out of town, made a delicious dinner . we enjoyed the evening .

it's always nice to see old friends from out of town that you don't get to see that often ..

now I am getting ready for more company tomorrow from out of town also .

cleaning day today and tomorrow I will just concentrate on the cooking .

made another very nice menu .