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hi welcome to my group. i am italian . was raised in ITALY , SO I WANT TO CREATE A GROUP that has real italian recipes . the way they cook in ITALY .. AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN VERSION OF ITALIAN FOOD BUT IT'S NOT NECESSARLY RIGHT . ALSO I WILL HAVE OTHER FOODS IN HERE , BUT MAINLY ITALIAN .

Letizia Tripp
Mar 4, 2017

wedding day!!!!!!!

hello everybody ,

I am going to my niece's wedding today!!!!!!!! yeahhh!!!!! soo excited!!!! I am all ready .. got a beautiful dress and shoes .. got mani/pedi , yest . going to get my hair fixed now .. all ready ! wedding is at 5 p.m. tonight .. time to celebrate!!!!!!!

have a wonderful weekend , everybody !!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Feb 9, 2017

hello my friends

hello my friends ,
I haven't been on here in a while , hope everybody is doing well.

I been very busy planning the shower .. finally the day is almost here . very busy this week, been working every day .. finally I am off tomorrow . the shower is on sunday .. some of you that are on my fb will be able to see the pics . I don't know how to post any pics on here , sorry , but there will be lots of pics on fb .

tomorrow I will clean my house , I have company on sat , cause have a big surprise for my daughter ..
the shower is not at my house , but I will have company from out of town on sat , they are coming for the shower ..

sat and sunday will be very busy days ..
I am excited and cant wait ..

happy valentiune's day to all of you!!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Jan 24, 2017

need prayers please

hello my friends
been very sick for 2 days . very nauseated . could not eat for 2 days . finally went to doctor . don't know yet what's going on need to do tests , could be serious .
came at a very bad time when I am soo busy , have lots to do , but too sick now
thank you

Letizia Tripp
Jan 19, 2017

bridal shower

hello my friends
I know I haven't been on here lately , been very busy planning a bridal shower for my daughter which is next month ..
lots to do and shopping !!!!!!

been baking lots of valentine cookies cause we will be given them out in pretty boxes to people to take home .
the shower is feb 12 , so it will be a valentine theme . I have a lot of help luckily . the maid of honor is in charge of all the decorating , that is good cause I cannot decorate . I can cook and bake but not decorate lol.. she is very creative so hopefully will be very pretty . today I am off ands I am baking cookies

Letizia Tripp
Dec 31, 2016

happy new year ..

hello my friends .
the new year is almost here . hope you all have a wonderful very happy and healthy new year !!!!!!!

Letizia Tripp
Dec 30, 2016

do you have any new year's traditions ??/

hi everybody ,
how you all doing ? ready for new year's eve ?
do you have any traditions on new year 's eve ?

ITALIANS have one traditions on new year's eve , they eat lentil soup , cause if you eat it on new year's eve it's supposed to bring you money all year .

unfortunately I really don't like it .. so I don't eat any of it .. so maybe that is why I stay poor !!!!! lol..

Letizia Tripp
Dec 28, 2016

hope you all had a nice Christmas

hello everybody ,
Christmas is over , all that prep and then it's over so quick.. lol..
hope you all had a nice Christmas . mine was good .

anybody getting ready for new year's eve ?

do you do anything to celebrate ?

this year so far I don't have any plans . I am off from work both days . we usually go to my brother's for a big party , but he is not doing it this year . hope to just do something with my kids , at least be together if we don't do anything .
have a nice new year !!!!