Parents of ADHD kids

Parents of ADHD kids

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As a parent with ADHD and of an ADHD kid, I'm always looking for ways to help my son. He can not be medicated for other medical reasons, so we focus on diet and habits. However, the high protein, low-carb has been limited to scrambled eggs and meat for breakfest and pbj's for lunch... boring. Got other ideas? Interesting solutions? Let's share!


Costco carry's "Focus Factor", which this year we're trying on my eldest son. It's just a vitamin supplement that is created around brain, focus, and memory function. So far, it seems to be making a little difference. I guess every little bit counts?


In our home, we have learned that carbs show within a half hour in our son's behavior. I've heard things about red food dye and ADHD as well... but don't know much about all of that.

We also find in school solutions, such as one legged stool instead of a chair... a snug undershirt for calming...

What have you heard? Has it worked for you? I'd love to hear about it.