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Greetings from rural northeast Oklahoma near Tulsa. We attempt to grow our own vegetables in raised beds because we live on clay and rock! We believe everyone should try to eat fresh vegies when ever possible. If you can't grow your own, please search for a farmer's market near your home. We hope to share comments, recipes and helpful serving, presentation and other hints. Yes, veggies are delicious! Even the kids love them if they aren't green!

Nita Clapper
Feb 24, 2012

2012 Garden Plans

Hello everyone, I was just wondering how your plans for 2012 veggie garden are coming along? Are you going to plant a large variety or a large quantity? Winter here in NE Oklahoma has been extremely mild. I have planted a few rows of onion sets thus far.

Jul 28, 2011

Swiss Chard

I picked swiss chard from the garden today,but later I wasn't in the mood to cook it. I think I'm getting bored,anyone have recipes for swiss chard? I usually saute it with onions and garlic with a little butter and olive oil.I also wrap fish in swiss chard and steam it. Any ideas?

Peggi Anne Tebben
Apr 10, 2011


We picked our first asparagus for the season out of the bed today. Not quite enough for a meal though. I will put in one of my GREEN bowls & keep in fridge until tomorrow or the next day & should have enough. Check it out!
Last picture on this page or PEGGI'S ROASTED ASPARAGUS

Aurora McBee
Apr 6, 2011


Who has what planted so far?

The ground here in Montana is still too frozen to even till yet. But I've got my garden mapped out, seeds purchased, and the tiller full of gas!

Nita Clapper
Feb 21, 2011

2011 in the ground

We had a blast of warm weather and I planted red and white onions "in the ground"! Plant date Feb. 19. A good date for onions here in NE Oklahoma. What's goin' in your 'ground'?

Jackie Garvin
Feb 3, 2011

Trio of Mixed Greens

This is a recipe using greens that I collected from my garden.

Nita Clapper
Jan 30, 2011

2011 Spring (almost!!) lol

Hello everyone. We had a wonderful 2 day heat wave here in NE Oklahoma and were able to turn over the soil and get our raised-bed garden ready for yet another year! How's things in your area? Have loads of plans for your garden for 2011? Let's hear about the plans. Yes, it'll help make winter pass faster if you make plans for Spring & Summer. I can smell the tomatoes growing, taste the fresh lettuce as it melts in my mouth. Cucumbers, onion - delicious!

annie Melton
Dec 28, 2010

Optional Gardening

Hi,I am from Mississippi and have been gardening for years with somewhat success.I have seen on several television shows where they planted vegetables in square bails of hay.They took a bail of hay put made two holes in it.They would then put top soil in these holes and plant their
plant into these holes.You would just keep plant water and fertilized as you would any other plant.I haven't done it myself but it is an alternate way of gardening.