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Have a particular recipe you're looking for but can't find it, or you're finding similar ones but they're not just what you're looking for? Post it here with a great description and hopefully someone can help!

Willadale Smid
Jun 18, 2013

Looking for a cole slaw dressing

Hi, friends.

I'm looking for a cole slaw dressing that is not too vinegar-y. I've tried reducing the vinegar in the one my mother always made, but can't get the proportions right. I'm looking for a creamy, slightly sweet version. Any suggestions?


Mary Potter
Feb 3, 2013

Fresh Coconut and Pecan Cake

Mom learned from my Dad's mom how to make a fresh coconut and pecan cake from scratch. At the time it seemed as though a lot of family's knew this recipe. As i recall it was basically some kind of white or butter cake that used the milk from a coconut in the batter, and the fresh coconut (and also pecans) were ground in a "meat grinder" and used in the topping. (Not sure that is exactly how it went, but that is the best memory/guess that I can come up with). The cake was always at least 3 layers tall and had to be eaten quickly because, although it was only ever made for Christmas, in the part of the South where we lived things spoiled fast! (SE Texas/SW Louisiana)
My sister and I have been searching for this recipe for some time to no avail. Any help would be wonderful!

Kristine Wisdom
Sep 28, 2012


I am new here andlooking at the recipe 'Two Ingredient Cake', I do no understand the instruction "cool upside down over bottle". Can someone explain?

Jennifer Scott
Sep 27, 2012

Need a good dish to take to new parents and their 2 toddlers

I've signed up to take a meal to a couple who just had their third child. They have 2 kids already, 3 and 5. Any suggestions on a good, kid-friendly easy prep/easy cook meal? Thanks!

Candace Lane
Sep 15, 2012

Does anyone have a recipe for communion bread?

I have volunteered to make communion bread for my church, First Presbyterian in Paris, KY. Do any of you all do this? If so, what recipe(s) do you use? Thanks