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I am gluten intolerant and always looking for new tried and true recipes. I have adapted a few of my favorite recipes and no one can tell they are wheat free. Please share your successes with other celiacs!

Gail Eischeid
Mar 3, 2014

Gluten Free Kolache

Looking for a recipe for Gluten Free Kolache?

Catie B
Sep 16, 2013

Posted a GF adaptable, allergy free cake!

I added a recipe today. Depression Cake. It has no eggs, milk, dairy or soy. it can be made with coffee, water, or juice. It has fruit in it, with alternatives. And as an adaptable cake, will satisfy most requirements for those wanting to avoid the eight most common allergies. If you do not want to use nuts, use sunflower seeds, or others, etc.
Also, it is GF adaptable too. Vegan and Vegetarian.
Just a moist, old-fashioned spice cake. I hope you enjoy!

Catie B
Aug 21, 2013

Adapting to a wheat free diet

King Arthur FLour has a new All Purpose Baking Mix that is good for everything from biscuits, to coffecake (remember the famous Bisquick crumble top one?) to cupcakes, desserts, and coating for chicken to bake. It has been a great success. The best mix so far.

I just joined the group. I eat a wheat free diet as I am severely allergic to wheat, and wheat gluten. I can eat rye, barley, and wheat free oats, but find that the market is gluten free, so mostly, so am I! I make many things on my own as it is so expensive to purchase already baked goods.

I can tell you that nearly every recipe I post on JAP can be adapted (f it is not already GF) to a GF diet. I always include instructions at the bottom for GF.
I recently posted a recipe Catie's Island Tuna Salad that is make with Andean Dream's Quinoa Pasta. The recipe and picture added was a GF recipe I created. Also, the recipe Easy Skillet Peach Cobbler is another gluten free recipe, and the picture shows the gluten free version, and instructions are added at the bottom of the recipe to adapt it.

I have taught cooking classes for years, after getting a certificate in nutrition, and found it helpful when I finally had to face my allergies, which I ignored for years. Raising a family, I couldn't really make two different meals everyday. I didn't see the effects of allergies on my body, but they do take their toll if ignored. So, now I have made it a mission to be able to eat GF and it better be good! I do hope you give my recipes a try . I would love the feedback on how they do in your household. I am on a quest to make GF more than just tolerable for survival! I want it to be great tasting for everyone.

I look forward to learning new ideas and recipes from others here in the group.
thanks so much,

Moira Roche
Jan 19, 2013

New to JAP

Hi! I am new to this site & very excited to have found it! Besides being gluten free, I am also a Weight Watcher and I sometimes get discouraged because gluten free recipes can be really HIGH in calories! So far, I have just avoided baked goods (and I LOVE to bake). Store bought gluten free bread is (to me) like trying to swallow SAND! It sticks in my throat forever! I would occasionally like to have some bread-ish thing or (heaven help me) a cookie... so any suggestions you can make for "sand-free" baked goods would make you my hero!

Betsy Ceccanti
Jan 9, 2013

Gluten Free Newbie

I'm so glad to see some fellow GF people on here! I've just been eating GF for a month (for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Which is also Auto Immune).
I do feel better, but haven't noticed a huge difference in hand pain yet.
I appreciate any recipes I can find to make eating, baking and entertaining easier! I love serving a recipe to non GF people and having them be surprised when I tell them afterwards that it is. ;-)

Debra Babski
Jan 6, 2013

Glutin free bread crumbs

I like to use glutin free corn chips for bread crumbs. Just crush them into crumbs. It adds flavor to your food. Like porkchops when breading them. and a bag of cornchips is only $1. Hope this helps

Gail Eischeid
Sep 5, 2012

Gluten Free Recipes - "Almond & Coconut Flour" only!

I have a customer who is on a very restricted diet and she wants me to bake some breads and desserts for. She is on strictt diet using only "Almond & Coconut Flour." She also can't have any Dairy products, such as Milk, sourcream, cottage cheese, cheese. If you have a favorite Gluten Free website or book using these flours, please pass the information onto me. Thanks.