Memorable Vacations

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Most of us have had memorable vacations. What made yours stand out?

Joyce M
Aug 23, 2012

Barbados...where's the good food?

We vacationed in Barbados for the month of February in 2011. The island is beautiful but we were all set to have locally grown fruits and vegetables and all we could find were what looked like US seconds in the supermarkets and the prices were high! We asked many people if they had gardens and the answers varied from "too much trouble" to "people rob you of what you try to grow". I cooked most all of our meals and it got to be a real chore trying to get complete nutrition with what was available at the stores and trying not to break the bank. We take the USDA for granted! I was so happy to get back home and make a hamburger out of wonderful inspected meat and vegetables and fruits that looked like magazine pictures instead of having rotted spots on them. We ate one lunch out and that was at an Indian restaurant. About 4 oz of chicken between us in our meal and no alcohol and the bill was $100 Bajan! (about $50 USD)Needless to say, we did not do that again.
In comparison, we spent Jan and Feb of this year in Hilo, Hawaii and the food was wonderful. Yes, it is the US but seems so foreign with the beautiful landscape.
I love to cook on vacation and took many of my recipes along to Hawaii.