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I consider myself very fortunate having been born in the USA. My family comes from western & eastern Europe & so did their friends. Many of the recipes are long & take time to make, but they are delicious and memorable.

Today's kids prefer not to go through the trouble of making recipes which take time and/or seem complicated. Once you learn to make them, learn shortcuts hopefully u will enjoy making the recipes . Some of the ingredients are hard to find, so look line or make the ingredients yourself or have a friend send you some.

I am going to post as many as I can. I think old and passed down traditional recipes should be preserved.

Yesterday I took for grated everyone knew an ingredient, learned not to do that. I mentioned, "Quark cheese" in a conversation & somone didn't know what I meant. It's a very rich cheese, simular to cream cream, but much richer in flavor and texture. So, if you don't know what an ingredient is or you need something explained, please ask me.

I posted my recipe the other day for Shaker Lemon Pie. Not realizing I needed to explain using the whole lemon with rind and pitch with the exception of the ends and seeds. Although the original recipe calls for using the seeds too. I do use the ends..I grate the zest & use the zest in the pie, as I don't like waste.

What recipes I post, I will identify where the origins & whom. I won't taking credit for anyone's recipes. Only will credit my own or ones I have changed to suit me.

At my age there are somethings I can no longer do. Example, I don't make sausage anymore. We use to have sausage making parties, but alas my sausage & baking friends have passed on, it just leaves me. The young are not just interested in learning. I feel processed foods have replaced real cooking.

I only use the best freshest ngredients and organic. I still use them today, when my great grandparents & my grandparents that was what was sold at the markets, before DTT & supermarkets.

Dawna Granger
Oct 20, 2012

Just beginning with freshness

Thank you so much for putting this group up!! I was never taught to cook. My mom had severe depression and sometimes it was all she could do to get out of bed. So for many years I had been going through cooking with boxed, easy dishes. I was always too afraid to try fresh because I didn't want to ruin it. Earlier this year I took the leap and even though I am still learning, I will not go back to store bought foods such as vegetables, meats and dairy.

It is difficult for me to know what to do with cuts of meats and know how to prepare certain veggies but thank goodness my Husband is a trooper and will eat what I make. Poor guy, he deserves a reward for some of the dishes I have served. Lucky for us, with me continually practicing, our meals do for the most part turn out.

I thirst for the knowledge of fresh, homemade foods. I don't have the wonderful family recipes that have been passed from generation to generation. So, I am so thankful that there is a place that I can share in this tradition.

Bonnie Beck
Oct 5, 2012

Mom's New England Boiled Dinner

This is really a Eastern European dinner. Don't know why my Mom called it New England or Boston.

Bonnie Beck
Sep 30, 2012


When I am looking for a lost recipe from my hertigage this is one of the sites I go to.

global table adventure

Bonnie Beck
Sep 16, 2012

Pat Duran Real German Apple Strudel Recipe

I have many recipes for Apple Strudel, but by far Pat Duran's is the best I have come across. It's the closest tasting recipe of a bakery in Chicago I remember as a kid.
Her recipe should win a blue ribbon.
I don't know how to pinch her recipe so it show up on here.

sherri gage
Aug 19, 2012

Can't Wait!!

I Love "Old world cuisine" Eager to learn all you can teach us!!! GAME ON!!!! Let's get started! :))))))))