cupcake craze

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this is a group to share cupcake recipes. those who join will be asked to.share one cupcake.recipe ever week at least;) but you don't have to. thanks,addie

Janice Ross
Aug 24, 2012

I need some Ideas?

I will be making cupcakes for my grandaughter's kindergarten class for a party that they will have after they study the unit on the solar system. Do any of you have some cute ideas for decorating, display and a good recipe. The children are 5 year olds. I can do cake pops too, but I think cupcakes would be better since they are 5 year olds. It will be 22 which is two classes together. If you can provide me some links to cupcake websites that would be helpful too.

Wendy Rusch
Aug 8, 2012

cupcake shop

Addie I am happy to meet you!!! I had a cupcake shop last town was to small to support this, needless to say I had to close the doors...I just wanted to say, do your homework and take you time, I wish I would have! :o) I now work as a pastry chef for someone else. I must admit, I like it better, as this way I get a paycheck! lol Where as I didn't with my own shop. lol

Take Care and good Luck with your group and Dreams!!!


Addie Brooks
Aug 6, 2012

cupcake craze

hi all thanks for signing up for this recipe cupcake group! I am young and want to become a professional cupcake baker one day! this is a group for me and u to share cupcake recipes that might make us famous!

thanks again,