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Post requests for you long lost favorites. We all love to cook and you'd be surprised how many of us have the exact recipe you're looking for!

Gayle Shepherd
Dec 28, 2016


Could anyone give me a recipe for a breakfast casserole using turkey that is good and easy ? Thanks

Heidi Hoerman
Dec 5, 2016

Have you used salt free baking powder/soda?

I've just ordered some because my mother needs low-sodium Christmas cookies, etc. Anybody have experience with these?

Gayle Shepherd
Nov 20, 2016

Frozen smoked turkey

I am looking for a recipe to fix my frozen smoked turkey in the oven? I wondered if anyone could tell me how to prepare it, I wanted it to juicy and did not know what to put on it. Can you cook it in a browning bag? Thanks

Gayle Shepherd
Sep 25, 2016


I am looking for a Crustless Coconut Pie recipe. I had one and misplaced it , thanks if you can help

Leanne D.
Sep 19, 2016

Looking For.....

I'm looking for a recipe for a Chocolate Pound cake using Baker's German Sweet Chocolate.I LOVE the flavor of the German chocolate.Preferably a tried recipe please!

Pat Morris
Sep 7, 2016

Is anyone a member of America's Test Kitchen's online recipes?

I was a member of ATK for a couple of years (My membership recently ran out); and I purchased their cookbook, which had recipes for all seasons from 2001-2014. Additionally, I received the Cook's Country magazine for about 4 years. Although I love watching the preparation of some tried and true recipes (and have made many); I am not able to renew the memberships currently. By the way if any of you have seen recipes on their website -and I have it; I will be happy to share.

I also need to see if any of you do have access/membership to America's Test Kitchen online for Season 15; I would appreciate you looking up a recipe for me. I wrote down most of the recipe I want when it was on television; but not enough to reproduce the recipe. I would love to make it for my son, who is a vegetarian when she comes to visit the end of the month. Please let me know if you are able to help.

I found the recipe at Cook's Country; but am not sure that it is the same recipe and would like to compare them. The name of the recipe is, " Rice, Lentils and Fried Onions (Majudra)."

Thank you very much! Pat

Junia Sonier
Jul 13, 2016

I've been MIA

I'm sorry that I have been MIA for a while but I have been busy doing homework, working, being mommy and taking care of my mom. My mother had Lung Cancer but is now a 2 month cancer survivor.
My oldest son has been wanting a cake for some time now so I finally made him one. He likes to challenge me by asking me to bake something I have never baked before. Challenge accepted! He wanted this cake so I made it for him for his UnBirthday. Challenge accomplished! :)
Please check out recipe and pinch me. Thank you!
Junia's Cookies & Cream Cake

Pat Morris
Jul 10, 2016

How does one join this group?

I messaged one of the members, but didn't receive a reply. I belong to several groups; but would like to join this group. How do I go about it? Thanks, Pat