Time for Tea!

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Hi everyone! I'm brand new here and just love it! I am a Lutheran Pastor's wife and hold a fun and informal retreat for women every year. This year's is coming up and I need some ideas for food often associated with TEA! Tea cakes, tea cookes, scones etc. Anything would be appreciated!

karyn ryan
Sep 16, 2013

Tea cake (that includes a drop of whiskey)

Hello everybody

My name is Karyn and I live in Ireland. I want to share a great family recipe for a delicious cake. Its from my nana's note book where she she had all her little gems written. Its made with a drop of whiskey and served with a cup of tea. I hope you like it.

Linda Cushmeyer
Sep 26, 2012

Back from London

We arrived home last night from our 5 day trip to London. On Saturday we showed up at the Kingsway Hall Hotel (without reservations) and had a nice afternoon tea at a table by the front window. I found out about tea at this hotel on a website listing afternoon tea at a moderate price, which, in this case, was 16 pounds. Just to get an idea why this is considered moderate, a tea at an upscale hotel or similar is usually priced at about 34 or 35 pounds. We were served Twinings tea, bags, not loose, 4 types of finger sandwiches, scones-plain and with raisins, and various sweets. Between us we drank 3 individual pots of tea and ate everything on the 3-tiered serving dish.

Linda Cushmeyer
Sep 18, 2012


My husband and I are heading to London tomorrow. One of the things we almost always find time for when there is afternoon tea. I've done some research and found some places we've not been to. I hope they turn out to be nice experiences, and that we'll want to return to them next year. At the airport on the way home I'll buy some clotted cream to share with friends when I have a tea of my own. I have so many recipes I want to try.

Yvonne Condit
May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Social

Hi Linda, I just finished hosting a Mother's Day Tea Event for the ladies and their guest at St. Martin Lutheran Church here in Concord, NC. We served Orange Cream Scones, Savory Tea Sandwiches, Double Layered Fudge, White Fluff Cake along with a Hat Contest, Door Prizes and Teago. A Special Devotion and some Teatime Tidbits. Everyone enjoyed it! Cant wait till next year! I would love to share ideas with you God Bless

Kristi Luce
Nov 10, 2011

Great with Tea...

I have shared my recipe for The Best Fruit Cocktail Cake with the group. I hope everyone enjoys with your cup of tea.

I know I did!

Kristi Luce
Nov 8, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Anytime is Tea Time!!!

My favorite tea is a tea I tried (and bought) at a tea house in Old Town Sacramento, it is Pear White tea. My girls and I loved it.

What are your favorite teas?

Donna Thiemann
Jan 16, 2011

Green Tea Anyone??

My husband recently had Gallbladder surgery and I bought him a bottle of Arizona Green Tea. It made him feel well in no time and I finally made some homemade Green Tea with honey and he just loves it. I made it decaff so he could have it day or night!

Donna Thiemann
Dec 3, 2010

Ginseng Tea Benefits...

I was watching Dr. Oz's program today and He claims Ginseng tea acts like Viagra and this was discovered by the Chinese. I had to google Ginseng Tea benefits to see what it said. Seems this tea has many things it helps. Has anyone ever had this tea and did it help them?? I sure would like to know more about actual use of the tea.

The main source I am currently reading is teabenefits.com