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We're failures at using charcoal. We're no better at gas, or at grills. So, we broil. Yes, broil. Blasphemous in this grill-crazed world. But we cook some good food. Non-grillers, got some delicious stories to tell? Questions to ask? Tips to pass along? Chime in here.

Heidi Hoerman
Jul 4, 2010

I'm in love with my cast iron grill pan

Any time I want something grilled, I just preheat my cast iron grill pan, the kind with the raised ridges, in a hot oven. We always do burgers and steak this way. I just posted my flank steak recipe and shared it with you all.

I've seen on some other cooking lists people who got rid of their cast iron grill pans because they couldn't get them totally squeaky clean. It's a GRILL pan. Of course it will look grungy after a few uses! Just like a what? A grill?

About the only time I actually broil is when I make roasted red peppers. I will learn here how to overcome my broiler fear, perhaps.

Jenay Tate
Feb 8, 2010

Wing it

No grilled wings for Super Bowl. Not fried, either. Tried the Pinch's featured recipe for wings which called for BROILING after baking. They were superb.