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Funny , Real-Life Stories

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My family, friends and I are always doing something that turns out funny and or embarrassing. We laugh all of the time...sometimes inappropriately, but then when things are serious and you don't think you can get through it something funny will happen. These little things can be so very helpful. At a family funeral, while standing in line, my mom introduced my sister to an old friend. The lady said, "You have my sympathy." Needless to say, mom and sister had to leave the main room because they had to laugh

Children can come up with some doozies while trying to be serious. My niece was 3 or 4 and she tormented my sister's cat. She was scolded, repeatedly, but didn't stop it. My sister was ready to give her a swat. My sister said, "Leave the cat alone, how do you think Midnight feels?" My niece said, "Soft."

I have fibromyalgia and if I'm really tired it's hard to concentrate and one common thing with us who have this is switching the first letters of words around. For instance, my daughter and I were entering an outlet store shopping center. She wanted to get some shoes and I said, "Oh look Cliz Laiborne is over there!" I meant to say Liz Claiborne. I tried to fix it as I was saying it and it didn't work. We laughed for 10 minutes in the parking lot.

I went to a fibro support group for a while and we had to say just our first name and how we were feeling that day. I said, "My name is Cheryl and my life today is like clown college." There was a new girl that night and she sat next to me. She said, "I'm Donna and I did go to clown college." I said, "Are you serious?" She really did. Everyone was trying not to laugh and I apologized. When we got to the parking lot she gave me a business card with her dressed as a clown. I got in my car and got away as fast as I could. I laughed all the way home.

Come on, tell your stories and give someone a laugh.

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