Orthodox Fasting

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The goal of fasting is simple. We fast so that we may better love, know, reveal, and enjoy God. We yearn, or at least intend, to do all of these things fully, but we also fall short. We fast to fulfill this intention. We fast to affirm God. Our affirmation of God is not yet that perfect “yes” we desire it to be. But fasting is a sapling “yes” striving for fruition. The Orthodox Christians fast most days of the year, and it can be quite challenging to eat a variety of foods and still keep the fast. Sharing recipes that help us do this is something we are all looking for. Our fasting basically consists of no meat, no eggs, no dairy, & no olive oil. All vegan recipes work, and probably most vegetarian recipes if you substitute things like using vegan cheese, etc. It's a challenge, but at least for me, it makes you stronger in your faith, especially if you are fasting together with others in the faith.

Susan Eklund
Mar 17, 2013

Good Baba Ganoush recipe

I tried Baba Ganoush for the first time last week and would love a really good recipe for it! I'm not sure if it qualifies for the fast or not.

Matushka Susan