Apron styles & memories?

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I love vintage aprons, vintage dish towels, etc. Do you have a special memory of an apron? For example, I always remember my mother-in-law wearing an over the head apron all day long! When my daughter was born, she made a quilt of sunbonnet girls out of the fabric from some of her old aprons. She's gone now and we cherish that quilt with grandma's aprons! When I was a child, my grandmother made her aprons and then made evening gowns for my Barbie doll out of the same leftovers. Whenever I unpack the dresses it brings back a flood of memories of grandma in her aprons!

Susie Proplesch
Nov 1, 2011

Handmade aprons

I have contemplated making aprons to sell. I have seen some for sale in boutiques but they want a fortune for them. Also, the craftsmanship is not really that great. Anyone interested?

Sandy Munn
Sep 20, 2011

My apron memories

When I was growing up in the 50's my mother and grandma always wore aprons. I can remember mom cutting out fabric and patterns and making them, it was always fascinating for me - she always made me one too - of course mine always had ruffles on them. I wish I was as talented at sewing as she was - she made so much, including my doll clothes, she even made my prom dress (it was ice blue). I have a few aprons now - but really wish I had kept some of her original ones, and it is sad that so few people - now - do this type of sewing and you rarely see women wearing aprons anymore. I cherish mine!

cathy jennings
Sep 8, 2011

different kind of apron

I found the neatest apron at a flea market several years ago.....u could wear it as an apron or u could wear it as a bonnet....there were two big buttons that u would button up to make it into the bonnet and the sash of the apron then became the tie under ur neck....I had never seen one before and I have never seen another like it......around my town we have a lady that collects aprons and she has a museum now in Iuka,Ms I have been meaning to go over and check it out.....

Kim Biegacki
May 25, 2011

A very unusual cookie jar

I just received some more cooking utensils and bakeware along with some other interesting items from my Aunt Linda who is trying to clean out her cupboards. Among the items was a "Monk" shaped cookie jar with a brown robe on and bald head with this written on the back of his robe: Thou shall not steal". --- It made me LOL!! It is not everyday you receive a cookie jar like that and though it doesn't match ANY of my decor in the kitchen I feel it necessary to keep it and display it somewhere. Any suggestions?

Kim Biegacki
May 13, 2011

Not till my Grammie passed away last year did I even think of aprons.

My family gave me all my Grammie's (Roberta Campbell) aprons probably because I cook the most in the family. :-) Anyway, I was very honored to get them and I took them to the dry cleaners to have them cleaned, pressed and starched. It was rather questionable in some of my family members minds as to why I would spend money to have them dry cleaned. Well, we will see as they are a part of my Grammie and I feel just maybe they are "magical vintage aprons" when I put them on and start cooking who knows what will happen? I have not worn one yet but when I do I may inherit her honest, hard working, diligence and love that she put into all her cooking and baking. (At least that is what has went through my mind) Yeah, I am a little sentimental & dreamy. -- However, at best I will enjoy reading what these vintage aprons, vintage dish towels and all the members memories mean to them. Thanks for creating this interesting group! God Bless, Kim

Donna Thiemann
Jan 14, 2011

50 Free Apron Pattern's

I just love stuff that is free don't you?? One of my all time favorite sites is tipnut.com below is the linkl to 50 free apron patterns. Since our group is about aprons I just had to share this awesome link to all these neat aprons.

Frilly Lacey Apron Hugs, Donna~


Donna Thiemann
Jan 14, 2011

Jeans Apron

I remember my mom wearing aprons tied around her waist. I like the bib style but found a jeans apron or two that I want to make from recycling jeans. Here are the links to them from ETSY.



The second one is very feminine and more fun. The first is a work horse and I need both.. Wadda Ya think??

Beatrice Abfalter
Jan 13, 2011

apron memories

I have memories of my mom wearing flour sack tucked into the top of her jeans, and my sister making a pleated apron for her for Christmas, my mom-in-law, wore beautiful aprons.and I wished I'd kept one of them! I don't know what happened to her clothing when she passed away, b ut she loved to embroidry, and made some of the prettiest pillow cases.