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This site is for all those who have dieted, will diet or are dieting. Any diet, every diet. The good ones as well as the "OMG what was I thinking" ones. Maybe united we can find a way to slim down without all the torture to ourselves and our bodies. And maybe, just maybe find strenght in numbers

Lorraine Pierce
May 20, 2014

90 Day challenge

Hi all....Glad to have found JAP and this group!
I just started the Skinny Fiber 90 day challenge last Sunday, 5/1//14. I'm hoping to drop the extra 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy (which was 29 years ago..LoL).
I've tried just about everything...and did lose 20 pounds on the Medi Fast diet a few years ago, but quickly gained it back. I got so sick of the medi food..ughhh.
Anyways...I'm in several facebook groups where we share recipes and tips and all, so I'll share them here too :)
If anyone is interested in trying Skinny Fiber, let me know and I can send you a link.
Also, I will update this discussion with my before & after pics...once I have results!
I'm really hopeful this time, as there are lots of people that are having remarkable results.
Looking forward to reading through all the great recipes in this group!

kathy ryder
May 1, 2014

HELP a diabetic and other things

Ineed help cooking for my BF.he was just diagnosed with high sugar in urine,high cholesteral,diabetes and high blood pressure and somewhat over weight by 100 pds.However i do not know how or what to cook for him. Can someone give me some basics to start with.He is seeing a regular doctor as soon as the urine dr gets him one which will be very soon.I just feel helpless as i can eat to find out today he cannot eat how i eat.Help please.thank you

sherry monfils
Mar 23, 2014


I am new to this group and can't wait to try some of these recipes! I'm trying real hard to lose 30 lbs. Since turning 40-ish, I'm finding it's not all that easy, uggh! I'll also try to make up some of my own recipes and hopefully add to this site what seems to be a godsend!

Stormy Stewart
Feb 22, 2014

New about coconut palm sugar

While the newest addition to sugar is a more natural sugar you might want to read this before adding to the number of people buying this product.