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need help with jam making. messed up ...HELP please

BOOK - Recipes for Fathers Day -

does anyone else find it rather crazy that they are charging nearly $10.00 for shipping this paperback book ? you can ship things via media mail for about 1/3 of that cost. PLUS - if JAP is using my recipe to put in a book they are making money from, shouldn't I at least receive free shipping ?
whats your opinion of this whole deal ?
Mind you I have NO issues with my recipe being used, but shouldnt those of us whos recipes are in the book being sold get some sort of discount ?
I find it odd that I can't even afford a book that contains my own

Clare Chambers
Jan 10, 2014

Can we edit our own posts?

I type fast and quite often press the wrong key. I then forget to spellcheck and end up posting something with typing errors. Which highly irritates me. Is there any way - other than deleting, of editing our own posts? Please and Thank you.

too many cups of strawberries in my jam, its all liquid.

what can I do to remedy using too many cups of strawberries in my jam, its all liquid. actually not me, my mom. shes made this same awesome jam for many many years, couldnt figure out WHY it wont jell. she re read the directions and realized she used doubled the strawberries. any one got a useful help for her ?