Picky Eaters (kids recipes)

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This is a place for people to add great recipes for kids. Sine they can be super picky eaters and sometimes kids foods are just fun to make. You can also add good comforting foods that have worked in your family. Also, anyone who wants to share family traditions from growing up or ones they have with their children now, I would love to hear about it. Or if you have a hilarious story that involves kids or family, I would like to hear that, too. I know that is a very broad subject, but hey, lets have fun!

Melissa Baldan
Jan 7, 2013

Avoid Picky Eaters from the get go...

Ok, My two youngest are not very picky (I think they are, but it turns out...they aren't). We had shushi last night...Delish!
I've only recently discovered this after my husband and I married 6 months ago and my stepson and I started seeing each other more often (3-4 days a week).
Now! He's *is* a picky eater...His mother allows him to eat mac and cheese and hot dogs at every meal...She "allows" him to "cook" for himself. What makes it worse is he's diabetic (type I)! So...when he is here he is "forced" to try one bite of whatever I make and I have found a couple of "healthy" things he'll eat.
He'll eat corn and spinach salad. Literally...that is about the extent of his meals here. He hates the lunches I pack but likes breakfast.
Where did this hatred of the adventure come from??? His parents (yes, my husband is to blame too). When we feed our youngsters we set up their lifelong love affair with food. If we only give them crap (My idea of crap is Kraft mac and cheese, hot dogs, McDonalds, pizza, etc) that is all they will want to eat.
My two children where always given a variety of foods. Because that is what I like...Variety! I like flavor and intensity when i eat. Not bland, tasteless, fattening foods with zero nutritional value.
My kids were taught from a young age what food does to your body (both good and bad). How it effects your learning, growth, stamina, everything. So when they refuse to eat or try something, I am astounding and assume they are being picky. I guess all this time, I was wrong. They love trying new things. They enjoy the farmers market. And they really like to help out in the kitchen.
Some of the things I see really encourage my kids to try and eat new and amazing foods (we tried dragon fruit recently...yuck by the way) is to let them be adventurous. Hit up a farmers market where the vendors have interesting and beautiful fruits and veggies on display and available for tasting. Get there hands in there and let them help cook. Try new ways of preparing things...Roasted Popcorn Cauliflower instead of nasty, mushy, boiled cauliflower. Italian Brussels Sprouts. Quinoa instead of rice (which is SO good and good for you!!).
Sometimes you just have to give in and grab a pizza, too. But what if you had pizza night instead and bought some premade crusts and chopped a bunch of interesting toppings? We put peas, corn, cashews, spinach, bell peppers, etc...anything but meat (or only chicken)...and skim milk mozzarella out and they love it!
Sorry I just went on a tangent and I hope it flows well... I'll think about some ideas and post them.

Melissa Baldan
Jun 24, 2012

HI there!!

I see a lot of yummy shared recipes. My kids are super picky! I wanted to let you know that if I have a recipe shared on my page and I say my kids love it...well, that is a miracle. It seems they hate anything with the word veg(shh). But, somehow!, I got them to try Brussels and the way I prepare them they go gaga for them! 1 pound isn't enough for them.
Keep sharing and I will too!