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Do you have a chafing dish you inherited and never use? Let's dust off our chafing dishes and have some fun? Share your chafing dish recipes, tips and tricks here!

Donna Graffagnino
Dec 23, 2013

Buon Natale! Felice Anno Nuovo!

To All of You Wonderful Cooks and Your Families ~ Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year! Stay Well and Keep Safe!

Donna Graffagnino
Nov 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful cooks!

Jenny Reed
Nov 24, 2013

Chafing Conundrum

Could anyone help me figure out what to do with my chafing dishes?

I have a beautiful (and large) silver plated buffet set that I would like to get some use out of. Included in the set are three chafing dishes that I have no idea how to use. All three of the chafing dishes have two-quart oven-proof liners, and votive candles for the heat source.

I originally bought the set thinking I could use the chafing dishes at large parties to keep hot dishes hot--particularly hot veggie dishes or casseroles. However, after reading a bunch of articles about chafing dishes, it looks like I needed to get the sets in which you can place water between the flame and the glass lining dish.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can put these lovely dishes to use?

Tess Geer
Jun 18, 2012

Swedish Meatballs anyone?

I know that Swedish Meatballs were a chafing dish classic. I vaguely (VERY vaguely) remember my ex Mother In Law belonged to a gourmet club in her small PA town and she considered them "her" specialty. I remember she had a very fancy silver chafing dish which I guess she busted out for these events. Please share your swedish meatball chafing dish recipes if you have them! I think they were quite the thing at cocktail parties and buffet suppers!

Tess Geer
Jun 17, 2012

Vintage Cookbooks

I confess I LOVE vintage cookbooks from the 40's, 50's & 60's. The advent of the "Buffet Supper" and the "Cocktail Party" yielded a treasure trove of recipes that once simply can't find elsewhere. I'm always looking for these cookbooks. Here's a little treasure I just found in Washington DC in a used bookstore off DuPoint Circle for the grand price of $2! Called "Wick and Lick" (CUTE) , it was published in 1954 and is chock full of chafing dish recipes and helpful hints, too! As I try them, I'll share them.

Anyone else have a vintage cookbook with those classic '50's cocktail party and buffet dinner recipes?

Tess Geer
Jun 17, 2012

Buy sterno in bulk

I m embarking on my chafing dish adventures which I will share here and I just ordered a pack of six stereo containers from amazon for a great price!