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MaryAnne Hillis
Nov 9, 2013

Early morning Pancake/French Toast Sale

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has any tips of advice.. I have a VERY early (6:00 am) bake sale coming up and I start work at 5:30 am needles to say I don't want to get up too much earlier than I alreay do. Okay that being said, I am going to be making a French Toast bake and I found some great recipies, however, I'd really like to be warm if not hot (I drive about 40-45 mins to work) when I get there. I was wondering if anyone has every tried preparing the night before and them baking in in on of the Roaster Ovens, and how it worked out.. This inside comes out to put in the fridge and I can cook it most of the way at home while I'm getting ready then plug it in at work.. Or if anyone has any other good ideas and suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!!
Thanks! MaryAnne

Racquel Sweeney
Nov 9, 2013

Hello "Día Dhuit"

Hello everybody I am Racquel Sweeney an Irish cailín .I live in Ireland in Co. Donegal .
I just came across your group it looks very interesting ,I love to cook and bake for my family and friends so any new tips will be very well welcomed and brought on board and i'll share mine Irish ones........ Thanks :)

Pam Austin
Apr 1, 2011

Portabella Mushrooms

I purchased some portabella mushrooms a week ago, and I noticed a very slight growth of mold on them. If washed well, are they not good to cook?

Jackie Garvin
Feb 1, 2011

Let's talk about cookbooks!

Please join this new group and let's talk about our favorite cookbooks.

Brenda Vander Zanden
Jan 29, 2011

Short Cuts for Quick Meals

We have a 1 hr commute to work - each direction - so getting dinner on the table fast is important. These short cuts keep me on track:

I've developed a 4-week menu rotation that gives us variety and flavor. I spend Saturday & Sunday cooking for the week. Leftovers become brown-bag lunch; casseroles, etc.

I try to chop once a week. While I'm cooking on the weekends, I do all my prep work. I dice enough onions, peppers, etc., for the week's dishes and store them in air tight containers in the frig. When I need 1 C of diced onion - it's done and waiting. A HUGE time saver.

Thursday is freezer night - that's the night I pull the meats I'll be cooking the following weekend.

If I have a recipe we love and want to eat frequently, I mix together the spices for several batches, label and store. It saves time measuring and hunting for spices in the cupboard.

I keep a note pad by my prep surface. As I run out of ingredients I add them to the list.

Freezer-weight zipper bags are one of my key tools. They marinate, store, substitute as piping bag, and it seems I find a new use for them every day.

I can't wait to hear your short cuts as well! Share the wealth of knowledge!

Jane Whittaker
Jan 25, 2011

okay seriously now, good way to marinate

Marinating is a cinch if you use a zip lock bag for marinating. Be sure to put it on a plate, or put in a bowl in case of leaks, and remember to turn the bag from time to time.

Jane Whittaker
Jan 25, 2011

2 important tips

Things never to eat while you are driving your car:
1. chili cheese dog
2. fried chicken

c g
Jan 23, 2011

new use for celery keeper

walmart had summer sausage on sale, leftovers from super bowl i imagine. any way after slicing off a few slices i dread trying to get the plastic wrap or foil to say tight on the roll. my celery keeper was in the strainer and it works perfectly. its also great to store devil eggs in too.